A relaxing facial treatment can remove impurities from our skin, making it clean, soft, and bright. For now, it is becoming an indispensable part of our skin care routine. In today’s fast-paced world, however, many of us seldom have time to go to the beauty salon for facial care. With professional skin care products, you can now enjoy the luxury spa at home now. Here are the five must-have skin treatment products for a quick at-home facial care: cleanser, toner, essence, mask, and cream.

Facial Cleanser

The name stands for itself. Facial cleansers help to clean the pores and keep the skin free of dirt and grease. Generally, there are two types of cleansers: foam cleanser and non-foam cleanser. The foam cleanser can purify the pore deeply, thus reducing the chance of developing acne and blackhead. Non-foam cleansers also provide the same results, even if they do not produce foam. These foam-free cleansers are ideal for women with dry and sensitive skin.

Skin Toner

Toners are often missed out by most women in their skincare routine because they mistakenly believe that toners can only dry their skin. But it should be noted that these toners help to remove dirt and oil residues after you use the cleanser. For the unique formulation, toners also work as astringent. They can open and tighten the pores in your skin. After a period of continuous use, professional skin toner products can help improve the overall complexion and texture of the skin, making it tight, smooth, and young.

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Facial Essence

Face essence is an indispensable part of the multi-step skincare program and plays an important role in professional skin care products. If you’ve never tried facial essence, it’s time to pay attention. Using skin essence between the toner and essence can make the best of the two products. Essence products are like quick facial care— just a little bit of stuff will make your skin look plump, hydrated, and healthy.

Face Mask

Now that your skin is clean, the next step for your facial care is to use an effective mask. It’s best for women with dry skin to choose a moisturizing mask to prevent their skin from being drying and peeling off. On the other hand, charcoal masks are perfect for oily skin because they come with an oil-absorbing ingredient formula. There are also masks for combination skin, which moisturize the skin in addition to removing excess oil.

Face Cream

The ingredients of the face creams can increase the water content of the skin. There are many kinds of skin care cream on the market. They exist in the form of emollients, natural oils, artificial oils, moisturizers, and lubricants. If you are troubled by fine lines and wrinkles, go find the best anti-aging cream. It contains vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients, which promotes the production of fibers and cells, and keeps the skin young, dewy and bright. Since oil-free creams are now available on the market, women with oily skin need to use moisturizer creams without further ado. You need to moisturize your skin to keep it soft, healthy, and ageless. Also, there are face creams that prevent skin from being damaged by many environmental factors, such as the extremely harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Face Cream

Q-max provides a full range of professional skin care products, ranging from cleanser, toner, essence, mask, and cream. Whether you are interested in basic moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, or whitening products, Q-max has excellent OEM services to realize what you want. Q-max is committed to keeping skin young through science. Their professional skin care products contain natural ingredients and adopt advanced technology. They help to eliminate all your daunting skin problems and give you a well-protected, healthy, and beautiful skin.

The environment we are living in is becoming even harsher on our skin day by day. Our skin can no longer fight alone without any skincare protection. It’s high time to pay extra attention to professional skin care products.

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