The dimensions of the sleeping beds differ from one country to another or from one area to another. The same type of bed has different dimensions depending on the area where it is produced but especially depending on the area in which it is used. It is best to give you some useful information about each type of bed. The dimensions are mentioned below.

It should be mentioned that besides these types of standard beds, there are other dimensions for beds. For example, the bed lengths of 190 cm and 200 cm are the most common. With these mattress lengths many combinations can be made, depending on the needs of each one (80 × 190 cm, 100 × 190 cm, 130 × 190 cm, 80 × 200 cm, 100 × 200 cm, 130 × 200 cm, etc.).

  • Small Single Bed or Cot – It is a bed with a mattress smaller than the single bed (80 × 190 cm), but larger than the one for a baby bed. This type of bed is good for an adolescent or even for an average adult.
  • Single, Twin, or Bunk bed – It is most often found under the name of a single bed or Single and Twin bed if we talk about hotels. This type of bed has a standard mattress of 90 × 200 cm but is also found under other non-standard dimensions depending on the preferences of the users. This type of bed is ideal for an adult or even a growing teenager.
  • Super Single or King Single Bed – It is a bed for one person, very spacious, which has a mattress of 120 × 200 cm. It is intended especially for people who have a heavy body and need more space or those who simply want more comfort.
  • Full, Double, Double bed – We find it under the name of a double bed. This type of bed has a mattress of 140 × 200 cm. Most of the time, we use the name of double or matrimonial bed also for beds with the mattress of 160 × 200 cm or 180 × 200 cm, although these have other official names (King bed and Super King bed). It is also for those couples who like to do spooning hug.    
  • Queen bed – queen size bed does not have a correspondent in our country and is not much used because the mattress width used is atypical for the standard dimensions in the country. However, the queen bed frame dimensions are framed to the double bed or the double bed with non-standard dimensions (width 150 – 155 cm).
  • King bed – Although we do not use the name King bed but use a double or double bed for this size, this type of bed also exists in the country. The King bed is for two people and has a mattress with dimensions of 160 × 200 cm.

Super King or Grand King bed – It has a 180 × 200 cm best mattress reviews and is a bed for two adults. It is a generous and spacious bed and is very practical for people who need more space when sleeping with their partner or for heavy people.

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