If you are a gaming enthusiast, you might own a perfect gaming Mouse. If you don’t have a good gaming mouse then you are missing something. So, consider buying a good gaming mouse. If you don’t know how to pick the perfect one, then you don’t need to too much worry. In this guide, I will tell you how to pick the perfect gaming mouse.

The brands like Razer Naga, Steel Series, Corsair, Logitech and more are customizing their products according to user requirements. The gaming Mouse is almost hundred times faster than a normal Mouse. It’s worthwhile to be used for playing games like Call of Duty, League of Legends and Heroes of the storm, Dishonored, etc.

In fact, a typical gaming Mouse is always larger in size and would never comfortable fit in your palm. Now let me talk about the exact difference between normal mouse and a gaming mouse.

What difference a gaming Mouse from a normal Mouse?

A gaming Mouse has a high DPI(dots per inch) settings when you compare it with a regular Mouse. You won’t able see much difference between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse. It’s not necessary to have a lot button of a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse should have an advanced laser or optical sensor.

A high-end sensor helps to precise movement and accuracy. Also, this will give you much better gaming experience. A normal Mouse has led sensor that provides a certain level of tracking sensitivity. However, they generally get heated up in case of battlefield game that needs a quicker response. The high-quality laser and precise moving of the optical laser or sensor of a gaming Mouse differentiate it from a normal one.

A gaming mouse will be best for those users who play high-end games. We know that targeting and attacking are very important in gaming. That’s why you need a faster responding best gaming Mouse to play high-end games. Without having the best gaming mouse, you won’t be able to enjoy the smooth gaming experience.

Wired vs. Wireless:

A Mouse can be available with wireless or wired connectivity. We already know that the wired Mouse is connected through cables while the wireless links itself through Bluetooth or infrared radiation. The wireless mouse is highly convenient for those who don’t like wired device.

Do you know Almost all gaming mouse are wired?  I always prefer to have a wired mouse. But, who often travel prefer the wireless mouse to reduce cluttered cables for easy manageability.

The only drawback with a wireless mouse is the battery charging needed. Exceptionally if you happen to choose a mouse that doesn’t have a good battery backup, you can lose your game in the middle of nowhere. The battery can go off without any prior notifications thereby making you highly difficult to presume that from the last stage.

The gaming sessions can put on more pressure upon a wireless gaming Mouse. It may result in more battery consumption and quick drainage. Choose a wired cable as long as you have a stable electrical connection. Also, the inexpensive models of wireless gaming Mouse can result in difficulty dragging and low battery power. But it totally depends up to you. As I said, I always prefer to have a wired gaming mouse.

Types of gaming Mouse:

There are a lot of types of gaming mouse you can see. But in this post, I will be discussing common and widespread types of a gaming mouse.

  • MMO Mouse: MMO gaming Mouse fulfills all the varieties of PC gaming. Since the last couple of years, MMO gaming mice are the first choice amongst the game lovers. It has a number of standard buttons and better specifications to grab your attention. The flawless optical Centre, better ergonomics, finger gripping style and lightweight makes it a pleasing device altogether. MMO variety of mouse can withstand multiple clicks and is suitable for games that require faster movement.
  • Shooter Mice: The shooter Mouse is mainly used for shooting gaming. With better accuracy and immediate click movement, the shooter Mouse makes it easy to control the overall game.
  • Ambidextrous Mice: The next category amongst the best gaming Mouse is ambidextrous. People who want professional level gaming and ergonomic design can choose an ambidextrous mouse. It has thumb button option on both sides. This mouse will be perfect for left-handed gamers. A professional gamer would easily calibrate the movements through high-quality sensors. The incredibly helpful professional Mouse stores custom settings and simply requires you to execute the movements for winning the game place.
  • Hybrid Mice: Another great variety is hybrid gaming Mouse that comes with fast forward features to leave the Gamers absolutely amazed. The innovative hybrid Mouse let you do the dual task of gaming and PC. With extra buttons and better sensitivity to improve the User experience, hybrid Mouse deserves a thumbs up in every aspect. Such a Mouse is placed right beside the gaming PC for conveniently human and scrolling the wheels. Also, it adjusts the sensitivity according to the game requirement.

Different designs of a Gaming Mouse:

  • Fingertip grip design: The fingertip grip design allows you to move your hand with minimal contact points. The extremely light Mouse gives the speedy performance and is ideal for gliding movement. The fingertip grip Mouse requires the hand movements to be slightly more slow and precise.
  • Palm grip design: The next is Palm grip design that allows you to control things with more preciseness. In Palm design mouse, your palm will rest on the mouse body. The highly comfortable Mouse is perfect for the longer gaming session. It is most of the time preferred by the professional.
  • Claw grip design: The users who like controlling the gaming by using two fingers can go for claw grip design. The forefinger and the middle finger are often used by the Gamers to aim for certain movements. The claw grip Mouse would make you uncomfortable in case you have a large palm.


As I said at the starting of this guide that he gaming Mouse sensitivity is the highly important factor in choosing it. Pay attention to the dots per inch / DPI measurement. The mouse with higher DPI is known to provide the Quicker movement with minimal effort. This is particularly best for quick gaming and better response time on screen.


Last but not the least; the mouse must also have versatile ergonomics for better accuracy and longtime use it. A Mouse with improper design can strain your hand and give internal injuries. Therefore, ergonomics are highly important. The overall sizes of your gaming Mouse can get affect the comfort level of the gamer. Analyzing the palm-size, you should prefer the gaming Mouse. A small size Mouse would be better for a person with small palm whereas a full-size Palm would easily and compass a large-sized Mouse.


I hope now you will able to choose the perfect gaming mouse. If you care about smooth gaming experience then I highly recommend you to buy a good gaming mouse. A good gaming mouse will cost you around $40 to $100.