What to do if the pipes or the drain have been stuffed again and nothing can flow out the tub? Of course! A suitable expert is quickly found. But what kind of work does the professional carry out at all in order to help out in an emergency? Many professional drain cleaning companies work with high-pressure flushers or use milling machines which are operated electro-mechanically. This procedure is also the one that does not damage the pipes. These methods usually remove the blockages from the pipes very quickly. If, however, the action is more persistent, it is advisable to use complicated equipment. For example, an inspection with TV transmission is carried out or a leak test is carried out. Due to their complexity, these methods are associated with high costs. But the professional also helps in this case. Here is an example for professionals https://www.rs-sanitaer.de/.

When does the drain need to be cleaned?

There is a lot of talk about the regularity of cleaning the sewage system. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the risk of a lack of proper maintenance.

The most common consequences of uncleaned sewage system are:

  • Excessive deposits of sludge and fats in the sewer system
  • reducing the permeability of sewer pipes – inappropriate drainage of waste water
  • the possibility of reversing sewage from the traps
  • destruction of pipe materials
  • release of unpleasant odours

In order to avoid such irregularities in the functioning of the sanitary and rainwater drainage system, you can try to clean the sewage system yourself or use the help of specialists.

Special danger for the sewage system

Sanitary sewerage is designed to discharge the sewage into the receiver. However, it is worth noting here that fats – vegetable and animal fats – turn out to be particularly dangerous for the sewage system. They stick to the walls of pipes, so they are not disposed of properly.  Another example is, of course, hair and soap. They form balls of dirt and dirt and contribute to the difficult flow of wastewater. The same applies to sand, soil and seeds.

Before you decide to dispose of fat, hair or seeds in the sewerage system, think about it again! It’s not a good idea to throw everything into the sewer system and then think about how to make it clear!

How do I find a serious craftsman for my drain cleaning or pipe cleaning?

The offer of craftsmen for the drain cleaning and/or pipe cleaning in the Internet is large and partly also very unclear. Although here a craftsman can be found fast and uncomplicatedly, a first examination of the offer is compellingly to be advised, in order not to get into the cost trap. Inquire first, which costs are included in the offer and which are not. For example, the tools to be used should be included, as should the travel route for the craftsman. A reputable craftsman will tell you when you inspect your pipes whether the costs will remain the same or whether they will increase. Often, valuations play an important role on the Internet. They can be an indicator of whether the craftsman is doing a good and fair job.

Extensive range of services – More than just drain cleaning or pipe cleaning

In addition to a fast emergency service for drain cleaning or pipe cleaning, the tradesmen have even more services to offer. It is often possible to prevent pipe clogging in advance. With an inspection of your pipes, weak points can be quickly identified and optimally repaired in order to prevent a possible emergency. Take advantage of the experience and professionalism of the craftsman you trust. If the worst comes to the worst, your professional for drain cleaning and pipe cleaning can be reached 24 hours a day, even at weekends.


It is worth noting that the prices of services provided depend not only on recycling, the condition of the sewage system (newly built or existing), but also on whether the day is a day off from work. Moreover, before hiring a team, one should pay attention to whether the rate for the service refers to the hourly rate or to the meter of the current cleaned sewage system.