How to Deal with Common Air Conditioning Problems?

Deal with Common Air Conditioning Problems

There are few problems of air conditioning system which are very common and you can solve these issues by yourself also. Most of the air conditioning systems come with two separate units for indoor and outdoor purposes. Apart from that the special voltage capacitor with centralized wiring is required for the installation of an air conditioning system and you need to check the voltage fluctuation and install a stabilizer in your air conditioner. Apart from that, the fan and filter problems related to the air conditioner is also very common and you can easily clean the fan and replace the filter to solve the problem instantly.

Common problems of air conditioning systems:

  • Refrigerants which are also known as Freon is the main chemical which keeps the air conditioner cool and the reduced level of refrigerant can block your cool air supply instantly. If your air conditioner is not able to supply or generate the coolest air flow, then there is ninety percent chance of leakage in the refrigerant system. You can easily repair the refrigerant system or you can also replace the component by professional technicians.
  • Outside fan of the air conditioning system can be affected by moisture and rust. If the fan does not move fast, then it cannot transform the heat into the coolest air flow and it can block the air and make you suffocated inside the room. Apart from that the compressor can become over heated and it can damage your air conditioner also. When this happens you need to open the outdoor unit cage and clean the fan on a regular basis. At least you need to clean the fan once in a week and do not use the garden hose for cleaning the air conditioner fan because it will damage the blade bringing in unnecessary expenses. You can purchase a fan cleaning solution and clean the fan with soft brush and close the cage accordingly.
  • Apart from that, the coil can be frozen and you need air conditioner repairing professionals to look into the matter in case the coil gets rusty or broken. In this case, you need to replace the filter and if you have a reusable filter then you can clean it and fix it again. But it is recommended to replace or repair the filter once in a month during summer.
  • Leakage problem of the air conditioning system is a very common problem and when you notice this, you have to detect the exact leakage point. You need to open the particular unit and then you have to check every part individually. Once the problematic part is identified, replace them or repair them instantly.
Air Conditioning Problems

Some DIY methods to deal with the air conditioning problems:

Firstly, you have to check few things in your air conditioner. If you face any problem with your cooling systems, then you need to leave the registers of your house wide open and then check the filter and coil individually. You need to change the filter and open all registers of the air

conditioners and then check the air flow. Condenser coils can be overheated and the air conditioner can get switched off suddenly. In this regards you need to repair or replace the coil instantly.

Apart from that, you can also try to replace the capacitor or tighten the connector switches. It would be a good idea to hire an air conditioning technician if you are unable to resolve the issue. But if the problems still persist may be its time to buy a new one.