How to Decrease Your Laptop Fan Noise

Fan Noise

Constant laptop fan noise can be a nuisance especially if you want quiet while working. If it persists, it should be a cause for alarm. A fan’s job is to cool your CPU. If your CPU overloads with processes and starts to overheat, the fan will rotate faster than before to cool your computer’s circuitry. Therefore, if the laptop fan makes an unusual noise, it signals an underlying problem that requires your attention. Below are some simple measures you can perform to address the issue.

1Reduce Processes

One of the main causes of laptop fan noise is a high number of operations performed by CPU at the same time. Several processes running at the same time overload the CPU, and it overheats. Consequently, the fan rotates faster to cool and keep your laptop at operating temperatures hence the noise. It is normal for your laptop to generate heat while in use. However, if many applications run at the same time like downloads, a game or video conversations, a computer overheats. Such CPU intensive processes overload the processor. The solution is to close tabs or open the task manager and kill some processes. If the fan still makes noise, try investigating if your laptop has a virus or malware.

2Adjust Power Settings

At times the solution may be as simple as adjusting our laptop’s energy settings. Consult your manufacturer’s manual on how to change the power settings as it varies with the operating system. Most operating systems allow you to make adjustments. As your fan starts to make noise, use the settings to turn off or dim the display when you are not using your laptop actively. If you frequently use our computer and it is on all the time, then set it to go into sleep mode when not in use to help operate at a cool temperature.  Some computers have energy saving modes that decrease awake time thereby reducing power and heat generated.

3Buy a Laptop Cooler

Another option is getting a laptop cooler. A laptop cooler is a device that is plugged into the USB port and placed underneath a laptop.  Its purpose is to control your laptop temperature. The device is ideal if you use your laptop for a great length of time and like to run several processes concurrently or leave 20 tabs open for long periods. A laptop cooler is also suitable for gamers and photo and video editors. Many of the coolers come with built in USB hubs just so that you do not lose your extra USB port while plugged in. Laptop coolers give you little to no fan noise. Since nowadays people multitask when using a laptop, the coolers have become pretty much a necessity.

4Clean the Fan

Dust and lint build up on your laptop if you have had it for a long time.  They clog the fan and ventilations preventing your laptop from cooling properly. As a result, the fan runs faster draining the battery quicker and reducing your laptop’s performance. Continuous dust and lint build-up may damage system components. Hence, the importance of cleaning your laptop often. Nowadays, most laptops are designed in a way that users can open them. To clean your laptop fan, shut it down, remove the battery and the access panel then blow out dust using a can of compressed air. Don’t blow too hard as it may damage delicate laptop hardware or the fan. Remember to check with your manufacturer before opening the laptop to clean. In most cases, repairing by user voids a laptop’s warrant.

5Check the Surfaces

Lastly, you may consider the surface that you placed your laptop when in use. If the vents are blocked, the fan will not cool the circuitry properly, and it spins faster becoming noisy. Place your laptop on a hard level surface keeping the vents open allowing air flow. Avoid putting your laptop on a soft surface like on top of your bed, couch or lap.


A laptop’s fan speed influences the performance and reliability of a laptop. Unusual sounds should be checked. If all the above options fail to decrease the noise, then consider replacing the fan entirely.

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