Your businesses’ office space promotes your company’s branding and culture to guests and clients. Not only this, but the perfect office space also aids your employee’s motivation, cultivating their wellbeing and ensuring that your business runs efficiently through a stellar office design. If you want your office design to benefit your employees, here are some simple tips to create an office that your employees will enjoy working in.

Install Ample Storage and Minimize Clutter

Clutter in the workplace can have an extremely damaging effect on your employee’s mental health and productivity, which can damage your businesses’ efficiency as a whole. However, there are multiple simple ways that you can decrease the clutter in your office. These include transferring all of your data from paper documents onto the Cloud. Not only is this better for the environment, but the Cloud allows multiple employees to find data at the same time, and ensure that it is constantly easily accessible for your employees. If some paper storage is necessary, you should install durable storage equipment. G rack provides an extensive range of storage products, as these can help you to maximize the space in your office and make documents easier to find.

Consider Open Plan Designs

To help to encourage communication and reduce any feelings of isolation within your office, you should consider designing your office as part of an open plan design. Although this may raise potential concerns over noise levels and the ease of solo projects, open plan designs allow teams and departments to communicate easily with each other and work together on projects and other group tasks. Open plan offices are also better for employee’s health as it encourages them to move around more often.

Create Communal Areas

Communal offices are also great for employees as they will naturally interact more and have more relationship-building interactions which can help to improve the atmosphere of your office and encourage collaboration, without the need for team building activities. Communal areas can also be extremely helpful for motivating your employees to collaborate on group projects and other tasks. You should situate communal areas in the center of the office for ease-of-access, or install separate conference rooms on the edges of your offices for reduced noise levels and to increase focus.

Increase Natural Lighting

Artificial lighting can damage the welfare of employees by leaving them feeling fatigued and unmotivated. However, natural light can help to improve mood and productivity, increase the quality of sleep, and can even save you money on energy bills. To increase natural lighting, you should make sure that your desks face the windows of the room, install mirrors to reflect lighting, and install warm and soft artificial lights to boost the natural lighting unnoticeably. 

Customize the Space

Your business should also find ways to customize your office space, such as asking employees to bring in personal items, choose wall art, or painting the walls a calming color that is not neutral. This can help to add interest to your office space and make it a livelier and more motivating space to work in.

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