Hinahanap-hanap kita Manila… Manila, Manila, No place in the world like Manila, I’m coming here to stay’… If you got yourself singing at this point, then you have been to Manila.

The song Manila was put ablaze in the recent opening of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. While the Philippine delegation danced joyfully to the tune, the daughter of the President, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, questioned it for being a non-inclusive representation of the country.

Interestingly, a filmmaker, Jigs Ancheta, responded to appease the mayor. He posted an amusing video remake of the Philippine Team parade using the Philippine Geography novelty song.

The remake went viral overnight. Sounds hilarious for an astounding twist of public attention, but this is what makes a Filipino culture fascinating.

The above events presented valid points on being Filipino as one nation, though the majority would agree that Manila is exceptional to someone who tried living here. The high-spirited vibes from the controversial song Manila were perfect to illustrate why Manila is the second home for foreigners in the land.

Every year the number of foreign visitors in the Philippines increases, with 7.59% reported growth from the Department of Tourism (DOT) this first quarter of 2019. This statistic includes tourists who come for business or employment purposes.

The Philippines is a growing economy, and the constant streamlining of policies for foreign investment attracts other countries to move here. With the Republic Act. No. 11232, the business process became much easier this 2019.

Business is good, but is your everyday place good as well?

Carry on as we check on the three major avenues of finding your own home in the Philippines.

1.  Airbnb

Everyone knows the Airbnb app is a go-to list when it comes to homestay selection.  This global community is a popular option also here in the Philippines, whether it is a week-long business seminar or a 30-day ex-pat visit to a company’s branch.

Airbnb showcases condominiums with a studio unit, one-bedroom unit, or a 2-bedroom unit. For a ballpark range of a one-bedroom unit, this cost from as low as $25/night to as high as $64/night. Apartment units are situated within business centers, with nearby recreation areas and shopping malls for your daily needs. Guest often enjoys the use of the exclusive amenities and are provided basic home appliance set.

Airbnb’s advantage is staying true to its promise of giving a sense of belonging. You get a chance to talk personally with unit owners and establish a relationship with them. So, if you are into a warm and cozy stay, start installing this wonderful app.

2. Rentpad

If you are staying for a longer period with plans of bringing your family in the Philippines, Rentpad.ph is a better option for house hunting. The varieties come with condo units, room for rent, townhouse, and full house rentals. Home rental starts at $300/ month for a room, $700/ month for condo units, and $3,000/month for a townhouse or house at a prime location in Metro Manila Area. The Rentpad has established a reputable market name for its quality over quantity listings of properties for rent. If you are eyeing on the key cities, and do not want to be overwhelmed choosing among available options, start here at Rentpad.

3. Lamudi

When you are foreign to a place, you tend to be extra cautious with your deals. No worries, Lamudi is here to guide you.

Lamudi prides itself on being the Philippines’ No.1 Real Estate Partner. It is the only site that strictly partners with licensed real estate brokers. You can find properties not only for rentals but for buying one someday.

Their website displays a diversified selection of properties. It helps to use the applicable filters when searching through their page. The price range is at par with the offers from Airbnb, Rentpad, and other online sellers.

Lamudi is compact and brings a lot of offers to visitors. If you’re ready to take more information before diving into your ideal home, visit Lamudi.

The options for finding a decent place are limitless nowadays with the internet. The only drawback is the broker’s fee that comes along these online reservations. If you want the best deals without this overhead cost, find a direct lead like a friend or colleague who can refer you to the owner. Nothing beats a personal recommendation.

The Philippines is your next home.  To make a pleasant stay, consider these ultimate tips when you’re close to singing your way to Manila.

  1. The summer season brings drought. Look for provisions on the water supply shortage.
  2. Check your place if it is flood-free. Rainy months start in May.
  3. Be clear on the lease contract before signing it.
  4. Traffic is heavy in the metropolis. Consider renting a property near your workplace to avoid this. There are affordable condos for rent which you can choose from.
  5. Practice singing in the videoke. It’s Filipino culture. Come on, let’s sing Manila.
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