There are billions of Instagram likes free generated by Instagram every day. There is a major role of likes and engagements either it’s a personal account or brand profile. There are not too many tips and practices available that are genuine and legitimate to get real likes. There are Millions of users that actively participate on Instagram by sharing live videos or posting images while eating lunch or having a workout.

Basis and primary goal of the users is to obtain likes. This is the reason everyone is so attached to Instagram. Everyone is looking for praise and admiration. This is the way Instagram has gained popularity over the years. So it is very important that the people who are spending time on Instagram it is necessary that they get output and value for their content which they posted.  These practices will be discussed briefly here.

Tips to Gain Legitimate and real likes

  • First but the most important thing is never to buy Instagram likes. These will look good to you but they are not legitimate. These like would not add any value to account and people will think that you are cheating the system.
  • When you share something on Instagram you should necessarily share it on other social media platforms also like Facebook, Twitter, etc, for getting more likes. This will enhance reach on your post and real likes you will obtain.
  • Build your engagement with other profiles. You can do it simply by liking and commenting on other’s posts. If you have posted quality content on your profile they would exactly do the same. When Instagram comes to know your post is getting more likes and response they will show your post high on others feed.
  • You must have awareness at what times your audience remains active. You must know at what time people are using social media like they might use before work, after the work in a lunch break or before going to sleep. Mostly there are people that spend the most time on social media during weekends. So post at that time will bring you more reach and likes.
  • Your posting should be consistent so your audience should be waiting for your posts this will also bring likes.
  • Selection and addition of hashtags wisely. Search proper and related hashtags and use just 5-10 tags rather than using more than 10. This will make a mess of a post. Proper trending tags will bring a lot of traffic and likes as well.
  • Your caption should be proper. Because it is said that the caption is a king. When you have posted a well-made visual or a wonderful caption this will force your audience to instantly double tap it. A good caption can be, a joke, can ask a question, and can add quotes as well. This will automatically bring double tap which is our need.
  • Your content should be of high quality. Because this is the most important one. Now a day’s people are interested in looking at amazing pictures, so choose your filters properly and don’t ruin the picture. Quality content will bring more reach and likes on your post.
  • Keeping all these points in mind keep posting. Share your Instagram stories, engage people and interact with them. If you have something interesting to show people then share it. People will respond to you with likes and comments.
Instagram fake followers

This image is a clear indication that Instagram will kill fake followers.

In order to get more and real likes on Instagram, you must have a bunch of followers. This strategy will have two major advantages:

  • Your post will have a maximum reach and they will respond to your content quickly.
  • Instagram will consider your profile a popular one. When you have a good number of legitimate likes. This will help your posts to be on the top of the search and explore page also.

There is a way for you to hire some Instagram marketing expert either from Fiverr or any other freelance market place to help you increase your audience. And the number of likes. This is the most preferred option. Rather than to go at the site and buy likes from there it will give you followers count but no engagement with your posts.

There are some other techniques that can help you gain legitimate and real likes. Which are:

  • Your content should be descriptive and of high quality rather than boring content. 
  • When you are posting images, or videos their quality should be high.
  • Your focus should be on theme.
  • You should be doing proper and regular communication with your followers this is the way to get more and instant likes.
  • You should make use of proper as well as local hashtags. This will increase the reach of your posts and likes will come.

If you are interested in getting organic likes which are real and legitimate. This is the strategy that will help you. This will take a lot of time and hard work from you to gain organic likes but this will work definitely in the long run. If you want to get some quick traffic on your business account then go at buying likes or you have a personal account.

By following below given tips you can gain organic likes and you can construct a strong page on your own.

  • Starts liking and commenting on those accounts which are similar to your own account.
  • Use different but well-researched hash-tags.
  • Take advantage of tagging and geo locations as much as you can
  • Use of shout outs and influencers marketing strategy
  • Use the option of tag a friend

These are basic but most important ways of getting likes organically. This will brings genuine and legitimate users onto your profile and likes you obtained from them will be real. If you don’t want to spend time on following these strategies then you can buy Instagram likes. There are tons of sites offering you this service. This will generate a large number of likes on your posts but it will not create engagement. So the choice is yours.