Do you love those cute furniture in your seating room? Or do you want to have a totally different furniture design to replace your current ones? Well, if yes, then you need to understand how to make great furniture designs. Becoming a good furniture design is a long process, as one cannot just wake up and start designing beautiful furniture without having to invest in it. This article looks at the steps required for one to start a career in furniture design.

Get a degree

To become an efficient furniture designer, then you need to possess a degree in a relevant field such as industrial and interior design. The degree program you enroll in must cover some particular topics such as architectural drawing, computer-aided design, textiles, color theory and other relevant topics.

If you realize that you are not able to take a degree program, you choose to do a certificate with the intention of advancing it later. While it is not so common to find people opting for this option, a certificate in furniture design will equip you with the skills necessary to start a career as a furniture designer, though not as efficient as those you get through a degree program.

Still, you can go for vocational training where you will be able to get hands-on work skills in interior and exterior designs. As a matter of fact, this is believed to be the best way to learn, given that you get to learn by doing. According to, most of the furniture designers we have today go their skills via vocational training, and they can still make quality furniture.

Develop a portfolio

In order to land a job, you will have to come up with a collection of your best jobs. This is necessary given that employers nowadays don’t just go for any designer, they want the very best for their design job. When you just start, your portfolio will primarily be made of college projects, given that you might not have projects that you have worked on while in the field.

If you have gone for internships, you can add the projects you did while there to your portfolio. It is important, however, to ask for permission from the institution where you did the internship. There are some companies that don’t allow their design work published anyway, and if you do this, you can land into trouble.

Find employment

Now that you have your academic credentials and portfolio put together, it is time to look for employment. As a furniture designer, you have all that it takes to be self-employed. However, you can still choose to seek employment in places like design firms and furniture manufacturers. It is always advisable to become a member of industry organizations if you want to quickly and easily locate employers.

The places where you did your internship can be the best places to look for employment. This is because, they understand your design skills better, and there will not find it any hard working with you. Also, while on internship, don’t just focus on experience. Learn to create relationships with other interns, manager and even clients of the firm. This way, you will be in a better position to get employment when ready.

Be updated

As a furniture designer, you need to update yourself on the latest products and techniques in the furniture industry. This is best achieved by using the resources provided by the organizations, interacting with other designers and more.

You can also create social media accounts where you can be updating people on your work. This is not meant just to attract clients, but to also get updates from other designers on what is trending in the field. Social media is a great tool for designers, as you can use it to find people to collaborate with, find buyers of your work and other things.

As time passes, you will be able to gain a lot of experience as a designer. This should be a stepping stone, as you will now have a lot of designs to add to your portfolio. With a strong portfolio, you rest assured of a good paying job, as clients will flock to your business premises if you are self-employed.