Are you an Insta geek? Do you fantasies a team of followers thronging you with compliments? Do you want to grow your Instagram account this time? Well, if you’ve just said yes to each of them, this article is yours to keep.

We all love a little fame game that does not harm to anyone. When it comes to Instagram, it might not be as easy as it may seem but worth the effort always. A good following is very important for any social media app to grow thoroughly. Similarly, even Instagram requires ample followers to avoid stunted growth.

Have you ever scrolled through a vibrant Instagram account wishing for it to be yours? Do you want to unravel the secrets of such gorgeous looking profiles? Are you wondering about how to buy Instagram followers? If this is what is bothering you, we are glad to have you here. Growing Instagram account in 2019 is no bread-and-butter. But with the right tools and an idea about your viewer’s interest, the road to success is not very far. The growth of an Instagram account can seem like a lot of fun only if you remember to press the right buttons. Maybe, playing with themes, engaging in the right content and structuring profile can be it.

Grow your Instagram account in 2019:

1. Buy Instagram followers

What is an Instagram account without enough followers? – a bird without feathers. ‘Grow your followers’ might sound like ‘the same, boring stuff’, but wait until you watch it bloom a garden of flowers for you. Ample followers can bring forth ample likes, comments and views.

Of course, organic following brings best results, but they do not come without drawbacks. This is when buying Instagram followers come to rescue in need, helping you avoid the loss of energy and time that follows in real Instagram followers. So, if you are wondering, ‘how to buy Instagram followers?’, you know what to do! Dive into the services of Famoid, one stop solution for all Instagram needs. There are many other applications that serve paid instagram followers, in case you are in the look for it.

Buy Instagram followers

2. Ace the play of hashtags

Many people misunderstand hashtags for trendy captions. Of course, that’s not the definition. Hashtags add relevance to your posts and help them receive proper reach. When you make use of hashtags, your posts grow better, eventually leading to more popularity.

Hashtags can work wonders for those who wish to grow their Instagram accounts this year. Each hashtag must be in relevance with the post that you upload. They will however run futile if they are not used correctly. At least 30 of them should be used in each post to boost the reach of posts.

These hashtags in turn can help you enormously in bringing forth a wide number of likes, comments and even followers that can have a long-term impact on your page. If you’ve been wondering ‘how to buy Instagram followers?’ this is one way by which you neither need to buy them nor do you need to waste energy on them. It will come organically.

3. Beat the Quantity for Quality

Content is King. If you bore audience with your content, you will fail to grow your account eventually. In case you’ve been in a dilemma regarding quantity and quality, we are here to clarify the problem. 

If you have a fetish for growing your Instagram account for the good, you really need quality. Make sure that your posts have crisp content, colourful images, good clarity and fantastic structure.

Beat the Quantity for Quality

4. Play with the bio

How many of us judge people on the basis of their Instagram bio? Well, most of us, to be precise. Instagram bio helps us to know a person better or leaves us hints about how they might really be.

Remember how they say ‘first impression is the last impression’? Well, this is it! Ensure that you indulge in creating a very strong bio that defines you fluently with fine content. You may choose to play with the bio by adding a smart quote to attract followers, invite friends to know you more and so on.

5. Nail the impression on IG Tv

Instagram has introduced all social media geeks to a more powerful means of growing Instagram this year- Ig Tv. This feature on Instagram is apparently used to create alluring videos to engage viewers, interact with them and invite more people to know you better.

Fashion bloggers and other celebrities are often observed interacting with the public through the medium. If you are looking to impress your audience and help them know you better, Ig Tv is the one stop solution.

6. Up your game with a cool portfolio

Regular Instagram accounts may seem to be loaded with quality but creating portfolios can help you up your game like never before. Instagram is the perfect app to have some fun with your posts, so don’t you miss out on it.
Choose some incredible ways to create a strong portfolio that includes structured themes, combined colours and organised dimensions to add the vibe to your profile. This is an impeccable way to attract unending followers, likes and comments.

cool portfolio

7. Follow top Instagram accounts

Another amazing means to create a good Instagram account is by ideal Instagram accounts. Famous fashion bloggers, photographers, celebrities have excellent accounts that may help you to learn the tactics of growing a good Instagram account. This might be of great benefit to you so make sure you make full use of it.

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8. Deck up your content with filters

Using great filters can help you to form better version of the same boring picture. Filters can work wonders for you many a times, alongside helping to earn massive amounts of followers together.

Instagram filters come in large variety with many other features to edit pictures better. Make sure you make complete use of them for good content that gives way for quality.