Mosquitoes, the little vampires can make your life full of trouble if they grow rapidly in your house or property. You may not enjoy the summer’s sunsetting sitting on an armchair due to the disturbance of little insects. Besides, they bear a few germs in them by which you can be affected if they bite you. Some diseases are dangerous also and can harm a lot of your health. You can be attacked by dengue if the mosquito with the virus. So, to lead a trouble-free and also some disease-free life, you should take some proper steps so that your living area can be safe from those little vampires.

There are a lot of ways to protect your house from them. Some of them may include health hazards by emitting chemicals. But it does not mean that you can get rid of the annoying mosquitoes naturally which have zero health impact on you.

Yes, in this short intractable article, I am going to show and teach you exactly the greenway by which you can easily make a mosquito trap with a plastic bottle. You can also call it co2 mosquito trap as you can see that carbon-di-oxide is a gas that can attract mosquitoes very fast.

However, without further description, let’s jump into the action. If you can follow the below steps one by one, it is sure that you can make a mosquito trap with a water bottle at the end of the steps.

Before starting, you need to arrange some elements by which you can make it properly.

Things you will be needed:

  • Water bottle (plastic, 2 liters is fine to go)
  • White sugar (at least 3-4 spoons)
  • Brewer’s yeast (minimum 10 gram)
  • Water (boiled)
  • A pot to boil the water
  • The electric tap can do
  • Scissors or box cutter is enough
  • Measuring cup

These are the things you will need at the time of making a green mosquito trap so that you can live well without the disturbance of the mosquitoes.

Okay! As we have arranged all the things, we need to make it. It is time to go ahead. Now, I am going to show you the steps chronologically.
Mosquito Trap with a Water Bottle

Step # 01: Your water bottle needs to cut

From the top part of the bottle, you need to measure 4 inches from the lid (at the grip of the bottle). Make sure you have cut the bottle carefully so that there are no zigzag edges. Edges can harm your hand at the time of making the trap. After cutting the top part of the bottle, you have to place it on another part (lower) so that it looks like a funnel.

Step #02: Gathering and preparing trap materials

Now it is time to measure your brown sugar into the bottle. Measure ¼ cup of brown sugar with the measuring cup. Pour it carefully in the bottle through the funnel’s open face.

Step #03: Heat some water

1-1/3 cup is enough for the trap. You should measure before heat up the water. A microwave oven or just a stove can do the entire work for you.

Step #04: Pouring hot water into the bottle

Before pouring hot water into the bottle, make sure it is not so hot because extra hot water can deform the plastic water bottle.

Step #05: Mix up sugar

Now, pour the measured brown sugar with the water into the bottle and wait until it dissolves well. After dissolving, let the mixture be cool. It will not take a lot of time.

Step #06: Add yeast

This is the staple step to make the trap. Add the measured yeast to the mixture. The yeast will eat up the added sugar and start to produce carbon dioxide. This is the step which attracts mosquitoes to get into the trap because carbon dioxide attracts the little creatures very fast.

Now the time has come to finish making the full trap with care. To make the funnel, you have to put the top lid of the bottle facing down. After placing the top lid, you should wrap the edges which are very sharp and can harm your hands with electric tape very well.

Ready to use

Where to place the trap? Don’t worry about it. You can hang it on the place you want, or simply you can place it at the corner of your house or property. But, as mosquitoes like dump places, you can keep it in the dump areas. Attracting by carbon dioxide producing continuously, mosquitoes will enter through the funnel and get stuck. After a few days, you will see your green mosquito trap full with mosquitoes. The trap is also reusable after few days when you see the materials need to change or add.