What’s your personal style statement?

If your answer is “Oh I don’t know,” or “Whatever’s clean and comfortable,” then there’s a high probability you don’t exactly have a style. And that’s okay! A lot of people see their closet as something functional and impersonal. They have clothes for work, clothes for cleaning the house, and a few pieces they adore… while everything else is a hit-or-miss, bargain-bin find.

The thing is, your style is a real communication tool that is often underutilized. It’s a “statement,” because what you wear gives people information about who you are. It’s important to take a step back and think about how you’re communicating with others through your fashion. And you’re in the right place to start doing just that.

So, without further ado, let’s start working on how to make a statement through your look.

3 Steps to Make a Statement


Start by thinking of four words that describe you. Energetic? Sexy? Calm? Quirky? Formal? Describe yourself before you start trying to describe your fashion. When you are able to know you are, you’re able to buy clothes that speak to you on a deeply personal level. So our first step is to visualize your identity, the colors that feel like you, the words and statements that make you who you are.

When you are able to see a clear picture of yourself, you’ll be able to buy clothes that fit into that vision, rather than forcing yourself to fit into clothes (both literally and figuratively).

If you have trouble with this part, it’s okay to look around for inspiration. Turn to people you respect, whether that’s a fashionista or a politician. Find someone you can relate to and then start to mimic their attitude — not just their look. More than likely, anyone who comes to mind is confident in themselves. And that’s what this first exercise is all about.


Shopping is hard, and creating your list can be difficult. To help you get started, there are definitely some items you should consider as you work on perfecting your personal style statement.

  • Sunglasses
    All of your outfits should have accessories, and that’s going to look different for everyone. You might find out you’re a chunky bangle bracelet kind of gal, or a simple understated necklace type of lady. But a great way to kick off this journey of self discovery is to start with an accessory you know you’ll need. Sunglasses are highly useful but still pack a punch with style. See what we mean by checking out Rheos Gear for a wide selection of unique and floating sunnies.
  • Patterned tops
    It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone by sticking to basic, neutral colors, or simply black and white. But we’re willing to bet that’s not really who you are. Take a step closer to finding your personal style by purchasing patterns that you love but thought you’d never look good in.
  • White shoes
    You absolutely cannot go wrong with adding a white shoe or sneaker to your wardrobe. It’s that perfect mix of bold brightness to help add contrast to your outfit, and neutrality that can be paired with anything. Buy a pair of white shoes that you love (heels, booties, sneaks, whatever feels like you!) and discover all the different ways you can wear it.
  • A great pair of jeans
    Whether you’re elegant, eclectic or energetic, a great pair of jeans is a necessity in any closet. When you find the right pair you won’t regret the time you spent searching. Jeans are so easily dressed up and down, they are truly the type of clothing item that you can mold into any style. Don’t be afraid to look in the men’s section. Even though they have a different sizing model, you might be surprised by what hits your hips just right!

Your style statement does take time to craft and perfect — but you’ll be happier and more comfortable with your look in the long run.


Recognize that not everyone is going like what you wear or “get” your look. They might think your new pair of pants is absolutely ugly. But fashion isn’t about other people.

Your fashion and style is about cutting through the noise and clearly, defiantly saying “This is who I am!” to the world around you. It’s not about fitting in. If you are truly wanting to make a statement with your look, then you need to be willing to be bold, brave and find your confidence in everything you wear.

Don’t think too hard about what’s appropriate and makes others comfortable. Think only about what’s appropriate for you. How to make a statement through your look all depends on if you’re being true to your authentic self. Your closet needs to represents who you are and who you are becoming — not who others tell you to be.

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