As we all know, display mannequin plays an important role in performing our products. But how to make our mannequin body in our store become “real people”? How can we make our display mannequin “talk”? As a VMD designer, how can we “live” our mannequins?

PART1: Display Mannequin Selection

If you want to make your display mannequin alive, you must first choose a mannequin body that suits the style of the brand and the characteristics of your clothes. Low-cost mannequins are often not able to display clothes well, and are more likely to look cheap and feel cheap. Instead of buying cheap mannequins, you can combine basic mannequins with custom mannequins in your shop.

In addition to the regular mannequins, creative custom mannequins can also be used in the window display. Special effects and other details can make the mannequin itself eye-catching!

Mannequins Action

As an increasing number of people pay attention to environmental protection, eco-friendly materials have been more widely used in production. Given that non-recyclable FRP mannequins can produce considerable pollution during production, PC mannequin is more likely to be a future trend. It mainly comes down to two reasons. One is that PC is the most biodegradable material for the mannequin. There is zero pollution during the production and no harmful gas even after use. The other is that PC mannequins have far more prominent quality and consequently less inclined to harm.

When it comes to PC mannequin you can’t leave out Posh Concept which has 50 years of experience in mannequin production. With unique know-how, it produces recyclable mannequins and gains recognition from global consumers. All of Posh concept’s mannequins are made from recyclable materials, which are unscented and non-lethal, agreeable with professional security standard. With a PC mannequin, we don’t have to worry about regular dressing will harm not only the mannequin but also ourselves.

PART2: Mannequins Action

The different movement patterns of the mannequins can create different visual feelings. The simple action creates a vitality that can be given to the dummy mannequins in minutes. For example, walking mannequins, akimbo mannequins, and raising their hands can make them closer to life.

The half body mannequin is more challenging than the full mannequin in creating an action atmosphere. Different actions can be set according to the style of clothing. For example, elegance, sports, career, etc.

PART3: Makeup& Hairstyle

A face is an important factor when we judge a person. Mannequin should have a good-looking face too. Creating a high-value mannequin is a winning point for the VMD designer to grasp the details and make a perfect display. Mannequin of CHANEL, DIOR and other brands has already included the makeup, hair, nails in their exhibition!

PART4: LOOK & Details

Usually, the display in the window is mostly 2-3 mannequins. In the selection process, the unity between mannequins is especially important. First of all, the same style is the basis of look selection. Secondly, the coordination between colors and the identity between fabrics can be a key in dressing the mannequins.

In addition to the choice of mannequin look, the details of a mannequin body are particularly important. Posh Concept also provides custom service, so that you can choose whichever special effect you want. Have you ever tried transparent mannequins or semi-transparent mannequins? These unique mannequins will absolutely steal the show!

LOOK Details

PART5: Scene & Position

Where do you want to put your mannequins? Doing what? With who? As the scene is decided, you only need to copy real life into the window. Sports venues, shopping, talking between the two are tricks to create a sense of situation!

As for position, the body and head of the mannequins, whether to show in the front or back, and the combination of mannequins are needed to pay attention to!

PART6: Props for the Atmosphere

For one thing, using props will make the mannequins look real. For another, your store will look sweet. There are many props you can use. For example, skeleton head, cherry, heart-shaped box, balloon. You can find all of these in Posh Concept!

In a word, the display mannequin is a great tool to show our products not only to the customers walking into our shop but also the passing-by strangers. Remember to decor it according to the style of your brand and the characteristics of your clothes!

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