Solo travel has its advantages. You can do what you want and when you want, to learn something new, not only about the world, but also about yourself. But if the trip is long, then loneliness can get bored. Remember what do you need most of all when traveling? Of course, Wi-Fi. So if you go to McDonald’s, a coffee shop or a bar with Wi-Fi, you will surely encounter other travelers there.

Naturally, talking with strangers is always a little scary. Especially if you are shy by nature. But traveling is just a great opportunity for courage. And if you are afraid of such meetings, you can find somebody on the Internet, on social media or dating sites (first you should read spdate review of course). If you decide to meet people in real life the worst that can happen: you will be ignored or answered rudely. But most people will make contact if you show genuine interest.

1. Find a reason to start a conversation

Do not be afraid to behave like a tourist. Show curiosity and ask questions, this is a great way to start a relaxed conversation. Go on group excursions. It is best to choose small tours conducted by local residents. Ask the guide about life in this region and about everything that interests you.

Do not be afraid to ask the locals what you can see or where to go. People usually answer questions with pleasure if you are friendly. At the same time, beware of people who are too persistent in offering you something and showing excessive friendliness. Perhaps they are really very friendly, but it is better to be safe.

2. Suggest a photo

If you want to meet other travelers, stay in a popular tourist destination. You will surely notice someone who travels alone and tries to take pictures against the sights. Suggest help. After that, it is easy to go on to discuss the pros and cons of solo travel. And then you can offer to go on an excursion, visit some kind of attraction or just have lunch together.

Suggest a photo3. Do not hide your interests

Surely you have some things that can be a topic of conversation, such as a book that you read, or a backpack with the logo of your favorite group. Keep them in mind when you want to attract attention. Just do not forget: what is considered the norm in one country may be inappropriate in another.

4. Make a wrong assumption

Try to make some innocent remark, for example: “In this restaurant, the most delicious noodles in the city.” Even if you do not agree with you, you will be able to start an interesting conversation. People usually do not like to answer questions if they think they are being interrogated. But they like to correct others and point out to them their mistakes.

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