Nowadays, people use cards more frequently. No matter in a business negotiation or in daily communication, we cannot do without the exchange of various cards. However, the fast pace of modern life forces people to make constant choices. Therefore, the traditional card printing service has been gradually eliminated because of its tedious and time-consuming.

The portable PVC card printer was born under such demand and became a hot product in the market.

PVC card printer, also known as an omnipotent printer, is a plastic printing machine, which can be applied to the full-color printing of plane, arc, or cylindrical objects of any material. Its subversive digital printing concept brings a new wind to the printing industry, sweeping the whole industry unceasingly.

In addition to its higher-quality printing compared with traditional card printing services, it creates the right conditions for people to reduce production costs substantially and improve production efficiency. Moreover, it is easy to operate and fully meet the requirements of mass production in various industries with stable performance.

traditional card printing

Although the PVC card printing machine is widely used, many people may still not know how to operate it. The truth is its operation procedure is simple.

To print the ideal PVC card, generally speaking, it only needs to go through the following steps:

1. Install the color band and transfer the film into the corresponding box with gloves. After installation, tighten the ribbon/transfer film, otherwise it may be blocked or uneven in color due to surface wrinkles

2. Turn on the PVC card printer.

3. Make sure that your PVC card printer is properly connected with the computer.

4. Check if the card is inserted into the card feeder or not.

5. Open the setup screen and select the printer that you are using.

6. After making sure that the word “ready” appears on the LCD control panel of the printer, start printing.

Something you need to pay more attention to is that the printer is not ready if you see the words [initializing..] or [preheating…] on the printed LCD control panel.

Remember, you cannot print until the printer is prepared. Besides, writing on one side of the card with a magnetic stripe may cause printing error or damage card function. You should be careful to avoid this from happening.

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At present, there are various PVC card printer brands available in the market. We have three aspects of judging which brand of PVC card printer is worth relying on.

  • Whether the configuration performance of the card printing machine is good or not.
  • Whether the after-sales service of the equipment is fast and well-received or not.
  • Whether the value-added service of the machine is complete or not. 
PVC card printer

Based on these three dimensions, a recommendation of Seaory is what we could give you. Established in 2002, Seaory accumulates more than 15 years of experience in producing the PVC card printers. Products from Seaory range from single-sided, dual-sided card printers to rewritable card printers.

Their printers can be compatible with different types of computers on the market, enabling online card customization and real-time printing. In addition, compact but powerful printing ability is its biggest feature. It can print up to 450 copies at a time, which greatly reduces printing costs and improves work efficiency.

It has to say it is worthwhile to become Seaory’s partner because you will be cooperating with the original manufacturer with excellent R&D ability and services.

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