Seven out of every ten smokers would love to let go of this habit, according to the CDC. Other than being an addiction, smoking comes with a variety of health risks, from heart problems to lung issues. Sadly, it might take a smoker more than 30 attempts to try and quit smoking for a year. While quitting might seem tough, it is manageable.

It all trickles down to your commitment to the cause. You need to avoid triggers, use prescription pills if you want to, and set and celebrate milestones on your smoking cessation journey. Luckily, you can rely on vaping to help you transition into quitting cigarettes. The trick is to choose the right vaping product for you:

Start With Picking the Right Flavor

As long as you can choose the right e-liquid flavor, you can avoid falling back into your habit. Ideally, e-liquids tend to come in a variety of flavors, including cocktails, fruit, food, and even tobacco blends. Ideally, manufacturers understand that people who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes tend to have their favorite cigarette flavors.

In turn, they create flavors that match different cigarette brands. Look for flavors that you are familiar with for starters. You can then start trying out new flavors as you get used to vaping. If you want a combination of a couple of flavors, you can also rely on mixed blends.

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What Concentration Of Nicotine Do You Need?

Your nicotine strength depends on what you are used to. As you proceed with vaping, you can keep on reducing your nicotine strength. For starters, however, choose something that will offer you the same strength as what you typically smoke each day. Nicotine levels can vary, including:

  • 6mg and below- best for light smokers
  • 9mg to 16mg- for average smokers who need at least half a pack per day
  • 18mg to 36mg- for chain smokers

If you start with too little nicotine, you are likely to fall back into smoking to compensate. In case you take too much, you might experience headaches. Ideally, experiment between different concentrations to find your best concentration.

PG or VG

The main base solution for the e-liquid you purchase will either be PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerol), or even a combination of both. VG tends to be quite viscous. You also get to enjoy massive vapor clouds by using it. 

PG, on the other hand, tends to have weak vapor, but a slightly sweet taste. Since both offer different vape qualities, manufacturers produce e-liquids with an all-VG base, all-PG base, or a combination of both using specific ratios. Among the most common ratio for PG to VG is 40:60, and many customers tend to love the vapor and flavor it produces. 

However, some people tend to be allergic to PG-based e-liquids. If you are one of them, you might notice that you are itching, having a tough time vaping, or even getting hives. Ideally, you should try vaping pure VG. Alternatively, take a mix ratio with a lower PG level, such as a VG to PG ratio of 80:20.

Test the Different Brands

Different nicotine brands tend to have differing products. This is why testing different brands is highly stressed. It offers you first-hand experience on what you should expect, according to Vape Stuff. Ideally, you should start with purchasing from reputable brands.

In some cases, the mango flavor of a specific brand will differ from that of another brand. In other cases, you might notice that the nicotine concentration differs too, even though they have been advertised as the same strength level. Testing will point out the vaping products that tickle your fancy.

When making a purchase, try visiting brick and mortar stores. Most of them will offer testers, which you can try out. Take your time to feel the different profiles before making a purchase.

If you shop online, you don’t need to worry too. While they may not have free testers for you to use, online stores might offer you a tester pack. You can purchase this pack and try out the different brands they sell. When making the purchase, buy varying levels of nicotine strengths, and try different flavors for each brand. 

Document Results

If you are looking to stop smoking through vaping, having a diary of events will be ideal. In the diary, include information such as how the vaping product made you feel and the progress you have made while using them. In case you backslide, be sure to note everything down. 

Slight details such as exposure to smoking triggers can lead to your going back to vaping. Also, note down any flavor that you loved and those you didn’t. This will come in handy when purchasing e-liquids in the future.

Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but it can be done. With the right level of resilience and a boost from vaping, you can gradually let go of your addiction. Consider the tips above to pick a vaping product that will make the process easy.

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