Grand Theft Auto 5 has successfully completed its 5 years in the gaming industry and thanks for releasing it for a computer. Now, Grand Theft Auto 5 has back with its story mode which is much massive than before. You will get know about the Los Santos and about the main character of this game is Franklin, Trevor, and Michael.

Knowing the Basics

  • Go with the Tutorial. When you start gta 5 apk on your system it will show you some basics instructions on how you can control your character. You have to read that instruction properly which includes movements like, walking, running, aiming, shooting, and other basic stuff. You might be aware of these movements if you have played GTA games before.
  • Switching Character. GTA 5 comes with an extra feature of switching character and this feature allow you to switch from active character to another real name character. This game included three characters and those are (Franklin, Trevor, and Michael) and this feature makes a lot of sense.

Getting Ready

  • Know about your Characters. There are three characters in GTA 5 which has different personalities and different abilities. Like, Michael is his shooting skill is good and he is good with guns. Franklin is best in driving, he has good hands while driving a car and the last character Trevor in the pilot of this game, he can fly an aircraft and damage to enemies in less time.
  • Customize Your Character. You can change the look of your character by going to a near shop and buying some accessories for him. You can also visit near barbershop for changing haircut.
  • Familiar with the map. This is one of the important things for living in this game. The map of GTA 5 is much bigger than GTA 4.  GTA 5 has also combined the Red Dead Redemption map in it.
  • Drive Safely: GTA V has now expanded the punishment for street executes or devastating anything while you are in your vehicle. That implies that with only a slight misstep of running over a person on foot – the police will promptly be on you! You will in a flash procure a one-star needed level so be cautious.

Start Taking Missions

  • Learn with your first mission. You will do your first mission with Franklin in which you will get the little tutorial of that mission and after completing the first mission you will be free to roam in Los Santos and start taking mission by yourself.
  • Spend Properly. After completing missions you will earn huge money and you should spend it properly for completing your future missions with the higher success rate because you have to upgrade your vehicles and weapons in this.
  • Know when to switch. You have 3 characters and the missions are distributed under those 3 characters and that time maybe you will run out from the mission and after that also you will not lose the game.
  • Start Taking side mission. With the main mission, you should also start taking side missions which will help to increase your character stats as well as your skills.


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