Thimbleweed Park, The Sims 4, Cuphead, Stardew Valley, Night In the Woods, Hotline Miami, yadda, yadda, yadda…

If you are into playing online games, these names may sound familiar to you. Online gaming is massively explored by the population segment in the age group 17-35 years. The revenue generated from online games and its users is exponential in recent times. Users sign up to the offline gaming models (in Cyber cafes) of the genre MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game).

Gaming enthusiasts, usually invest in Gaming Laptops (designed majorly for playing online games) to have an uninterrupted pure escapade.

Specifications in delineation

One may deliberate about the specifications that make a Gaming Laptop different from a business and personal use Laptop. It is obvious that the software and hardware configuration alter in such cases. For any gamer, it is quintessential to understand the gaming mechanism and how to identify the right device and great specifications.  If you are in quandary, rely on the following 5 software and hardware detailing:

  • CPU & GPU – To be able to play high-intensity games like WatchDogs or Assassins Creed (most popular online games) on your laptop, you must consider a powerful CPU with Intel core i7 quad processor. Unlike business or personal laptops, it must have a GPU (or Graphics Processing Units). The most appropriate GPU is the NVIDIA Geforce GTX. The GTX configuration can range from GTX 1050 or 1060 to GTX 1070 or 1080.
  • RAM – Along with a powerful and better video quality, it should have an undisputable 8 GB RAM (for better storage and smooth functioning).
  • Display – Displays with excellent resolution are a must-have in these laptops. The laptop resolution may range from 1920*1080 to QHD (2560*1440) or 4K (3840*2160). Of course, as the resolution matrix increases, the laptop pricing also appreciates.
  • SSD & HDD – Online games consume a lot of space. Hence, it is paramount to not compromise on the storage capacity of these Laptops. One must invest in a trustworthy brand for SSD (Solid-State Drive) and HDD (Hard Disk Drive). The projected capacity for an HDD to be installed in such laptops is 1 TB.
  • Touchpads – A smooth transitioning from one key to the other totally intensifies any gaming experience (though the same holds true for other typing-related activities as well). The ‘key travel’ feature in touchpads or keyboards should be close to 2mm in these Laptops.

If you have a soft spot for VR (Virtual Reality) Games like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, you must invest in an Intel i7-6700HQ processor, HDMI 1.3 port with NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 GPU.

The Video graphics technology is the most alluring and intriguing feature that invokes the interest of the gamer into the game. Game manufacturing companies are paying special attention to the special effects settings in new games that are being released to the market. To extricate the best features of a high-end game (it was meant to deliver), the gamer must invest in a powerful video card. Nvidia 1080 is known to support a majority of VR adventure games.

The laptop manufacturing companies are also luring their customers (especially gamers) by selling gaming based laptops with two GPUs configured into the Nvidia’s Scalable Link Interface (or SLI). This software integration automatically increases the performance quotient of the laptop, leaving the user with a whole new experience. Some examples of such SLI configured laptops are – Acer Predator 21 X, MSI GT83 Titan SLI, etc. Another great pick for this laptop would be Asus ROG Zephyrus.

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Things to Remember

While buying one of these Laptops, do avoid:

  • Touch screen laptops- you will end up spending more for a less battery-life. Touchscreen laptops are expensive when compared to their counterparts.
  • If you are an avid traveller, invest on a 13- or 15-inch laptop as they are easy to carry.
  • If you are glued to playing only low-end games like Candycrush or World of Warcraft, don’t bother spending on this. It is an utter waste of funds.
  • Make sure the laptop resolution is no less than 1920*1080.

Besides a potent RAM, pay a closer attention towards the VRAM (Video memory) specification while buying this laptop.