If you want to work at Camp America, then you will have to appear for an interview with the company that is recruiting you for the job. The interview takes place after submitting your application at the required address. Interviewing the candidates is standard practice at camp America because this helps them to examine you and assess whether you are right for the job or not.

It is always better to prepare for the interview a day before you are supposed to appear for it. This is because it can be hard to come up with answers at the spot for some people. Preparing for your Camp America Interview will also boost your confidence and calm down your nerves a bit. This guide will not only help you make for the interview at Camp America, but it will help you ace it.

What to expect from the Camp America Interview?

Since it will be an interview for a job at a summer camp, the environment will be very friendly and laid back. The interview is not going to be very formal like you would expect in an interview for an office position at a corporate company. Typically, these interviews take place face to face but, sometimes the candidate can be asked to give an interview over Skype.

What type of questions should I be prepared for?

The questions asked at the Camp America interview are not going to be hard. The recruiter will generally ask about your previous work experience, your skills, a bit about your personality and a few other standard questions. The following are the type of questions that you can expect at a Camp America Interview:

  • For the first question, they will typically ask the candidate to tell a little about themselves.
  • “Why do you want to work at a camp or why do you want to work with us?”
  • “What inspired you to work as a camp counsellor?”
  • “Do you have any previous experience with working with children?”
  • “How well do you deal with children?”
  • “Were you ever stuck in a stressful situation? If so, how did you deal with it?” However, sometimes the interviewer may provide you with a situation and ask you what would you do in that situation.
  • “Can you work with teams?” or “Do you like working alone or with a team?”

These are the most common questions that are most likely to be asked during a camp America Interview. Make sure that your answers are brief and are also able to get the point across. You should try to relate your answer to your previous experiences. This shows that you have plenty of experience. You can also ask a few questions at the end of the interview, for instance, ask them about any tips or anything that they would recommend while working at a camp. This will show that you are eager to work and keen to learn new things.

Keep these tips in mind:

You must keep this in mind that the recruiters are hiring someone that will be around young children for a couple of hours every day. Hence, they are not looking for any troublesome person so you should be on your best behaviour. You must display that you a person with etiquettes and high morals. Furthermore, you should keep these tips in mind:

  • Show up early
  • Look Presentable
  • Dress casual but, smart
  • Remain calm
  • Be kind and friendly
  • Speak slowly and clearly

Make sure to prepare your answers and practice them with a friend or family member. Practising in front of a mirror works best because it helps in checking your body language as well.  

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