Despite car manufacturing companies using smart and technologically advanced systems to make cars safer, vehicle crime continues to make headlines all across the United Kingdom. People not only lose their vehicles to car theft, but also lose their personal effects, have their identities stolen, and some forced to seek the services of a taxi home. Taking the necessary precautionary measures to prevent breakings to your car, or even car theft is therefore recommended.

Discussed below are a few ways and measures you can take to help keep your vehicle and personal effects safe.

Park securely:

1. At Home

The garage and driveways are considered the best places to park your car at home. For the car to be safe, consider:

  1. Driving forwards into the garage or driveway (do not reverse into the garage). This should deter criminals from driving away speedily with your car.
  2. Park as close to the house as possible. Very few criminals are daring enough to break into a car that is too close to your home.
  3. Park next to a large window. The window gives you a direct view of the car.

2. In Car Parks

Try to park as close to other cars as possible. Isolating your vehicle from others only leaves it exposed to car thieves, and could even attract malicious people as well. Another clever trick to deter criminals is parking with the front wheels facing other vehicles in the car park. Since car thieves are always in a hurry, they should be less inclined to steal it if parked this way. Car thieves are always on the lookout for an easy and quick getaway.

3. On The Road

Try parking the car under street lamps on the road. This is particularly important when parking during the night, or a few hours to nighttime. Criminals are less likely to linger around your car due to the light.

If parking outside a restaurant or café, then look for parking space next to a window. You don’t have to be on the other side of the window either. Criminals will assume the owner is within reach thus stay away.  For those who aren’t sure of the safest neighborhoods or cafes to park your car, try using Park Smart. This app enables you to find reliable areas to park within the region.

4. Keep Valuables Hidden

Leaving valuables in plain view can also entice malicious people into breaking into your car.  Leave your wallet, cash, mobile phone, satnavs, and jewelry tucked out of sight. Even the simplest things such as mobile phone packaging, satnav ring marks, and coins should remain hidden in the car.

It would also be advisable to keep your handbag or coat hidden. People may think you could be hiding valuables in the same, hence be tempted to break in. Any paperwork with your name, address, or financial information shouldn’t be left in the car. Criminals could use the information and documents for identity theft.

5. Keep Car Keys Away From Everyone’s Reach

Leaving car keys on tables, open places, and near open windows and doors is not recommended. Criminals could use a hooked wire to snatch the keys, or someone make a copy of the same without your knowledge.

6. Install Security Features And Trackers

Tracking companies today not only conceal trackers in your car but also leave a sticker indicating the vehicle is under surveillance. Installing security features such as steering wheel locks, and gear lever locks can also help deter criminals. Remember to activate the car alarm whenever leaving the car unattended.According to Money Expert money insurance comparison, some companies will lower your insurance if you have these features.