How to properly care for French Bulldogs

How to properly care for French Bulldogs

Keeping French Bulldogs is a difficult task. And first of all for owners who plan to breed their pets. Due to the large head, all puppies cannot be born on their own, and therefore need help. In addition, the mating process can also be complicated: short legs do not allow the male to properly master the girlfriend, you will have to help both. But you can be absolutely sure: your pet will not have unplanned reproduction!

If you do not take into account the problem of reproduction, great difficulties in the content of the French Bulldog are not expected. The short coat needs to be combed out constantly, as dogs shed quite often. Early socialization, moderate exercise and adequate exercise, coupled with a balanced diet, is all your pet needs.

Important! Because of the short muzzle, dogs have problems with cooling and breathing, and therefore it is absolutely impossible to leave the baby in the open sun or without water! For the winter, your companion should sew overalls, and it is not recommended at all to take him out for a walk in severe frosts – the dog can get very cold.

Many owners who are faced with the content of the French bulldog say that this is “a dog that looks more like a cat”, the pet is so calm at home, does not require active games (but takes part in them with great pleasure), affectionate and perfectly learns all new skills. Taking into account all these parameters, you can be sure: the breed feels great in a big city. An ideal pet for people who are shown leisurely long walks. But even if you are running, take a companion with you! French bulldog puppies are quite capable of not a fast pace, and short periods of rest are enough for your dog to regain strength.