Large and small companies alike have websites that describe in detail the products and services they offer. A website that’s well-designed and easy to navigate helps promote the company’s name and brand.

Considering that in 2017, 87 percent of the United States population used the internet, companies should improve the way they take advantage of the internet to garner more business. In particular, companies should prioritize and improve their use of search engines. Customers frequently search for new businesses on search engines, especially Google, which makes up 92.37 percent of the worldwide search engine market share.

Companies can increase their website traffic and improve how often they show up on Google search results by using content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) tools. Here are a few ways to get started.

Use keywords

Search engine users who know exactly what products they’re looking for typically make very specific searches. If a company’s website is listed in the search results for an internet search that’s relevant to their business, and if they’re listed in these search results frequently, then they’ll see increased website traffic and an increase in sales.

Search engines are designed to use “focus keywords” to determine if pages included in search results are relevant to the search. When you pick keywords for your business, they should be specific, clear, and related to products sold by the company. Frequently searched for terms can be chosen as keywords, so content from their company website can be displayed when users search for those keywords.

Keyword search volume gives business owners insight into the monthly number of users conducting internet searches for similar products. Company websites should be tailored with content that targets keywords and search terms with a high search volume. Terms with a high search volume can increase traffic to websites if they rank first in the search results.

Use links

There is prosperity in forming positive associations. Companies can benefit from and improve their ranking on search engines by including internal and external links on their websites.

To boost SEO, your company should include links to other relevant, reputable sites on its website. This can result in the company being seen as equally reputable and useful, and increase how much its content is shared. Link building services like can be helpful here.

Companies that are willing to post outbound links to other related sites can develop a partnership based on reciprocity: suggesting and recommending other businesses is a way to get one’s own business shared and recommended by other businesses, and through association with other businesses, become more recognized by search engines.

Branded anchor links increase a company’s online presence and visibility, because they make it more likely for a company to show up in articles and text over the internet when someone searches for their brand. Reputation is absolutely something Google algorithms consider, and this is a great way to boost your reputation.

Use content

Keywords that are more frequently searched for should be prioritized in your content to increase web traffic. As more people see the content on a website, the content becomes more likely to be shared, and purchases are more likely to be made. Companies should try to make websites more attractive for users who are more engaged in their searches and have a better idea of what they want.

Insight into trending topics, terms, and keywords of high volume can be used to create attractive, meaningful content for websites. Target keywords allow companies to make their content more visible and high ranking in internet searches. Website traffic will increase when search engines, such as Google, recognize the website content as being relevant to internet searches.