How to Remove / Bypass Windows 10 Admin Password

how to remove Windows 10 admin password

As Windows 10 comes to our eyes, more and more users upgrade or install Windows 10 in their Windows-based computer. Some of us even create a login password to protect personal privacy. However, it seems that we are not always in good memory to remember the password. Consequently, once we forget or lose Windows 10 login password, how to deal with this disaster? Today I will take Windows 10 admin password for an example, to tell you how to remove or bypass Windows 10 admin password in an efficient way.

Once we lost Windows 10 admin password, some users choose to reinstall the system, but they will lose the data in that case. Some of us choose to take it to repair shop, but they may wait for such a long time and also take risk of losing data, too. Luckily, there is a more efficient way to reset Windows 10 administrator password by using third-party Windows password recovery tool. Here I wholeheartedly recommend Windows Password Key to you.

Windows Password Key is a well-designed Windows password recovery tool to reset/remove Windows login password. It contains 4 versions, which are Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. No matter the Windows system is Windows XP or the latest Windows 10, it will help us unlock locked computers easily and quickly. It supports all computer brand, such as Dell, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc. No matter what type of account it is, for example, guest account, admin account, Microsoft account, we can always use it to reset login password issue. This famous application is highly recommend by CNET, Softpedia, Softonic and familiar with large numbers of Windows users.

Key Features of Windows Password Key

  • Bypass password safely and simply.
  • Support all Windows systems.
  • Support all computer brands.
  • Unlock all accounts created in Windows.
  • No data loss or file damage.
  • 100% rate to reset or remove password.

How to remove/bypass Windows 10 admin password by using Windows 10 Password Key? Here you can follow the instruction as below.

Step 1: Using another accessible computer to download Windows Password Key Standard/Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate from official website and then install it. And then open this tool.

Step 2: Insert a blank CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or USB flash drive to the accessible computer and then burn the software to this drive. After that, plug the drive into the locked computer. Remember that Standard version only supports CD, the other versions support CD/DVD/USB.

burn Windows password key

Step 3: Press F2/F10/Delete button quickly to enter BIOS setting of the locked PC. And then change BIOS to boot from your drive.

Step 4: Restart the locked computer and then you will see the interface that shows all Windows accounts in your PC. Choose the target admin account and then to remove or reset Windows 10 administrator password successfully.

select Windows account

Step 5: After that, click “Next” and then click “Reboot” to exit Windows Password Key and then restart your personal computer again. Then if you choose to remove the password, you are about to login Windows account without password. If you select to bypass the password, you will login account with new Windows 10 password.

set new Windows 10 password

That’s all the tips about how to remove/bypass admin password of Windows 10 computer. You can use also check more about Windows tips from Windows Password Key official website –

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