We are living in challenging times thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Many businesses have closed down, rendering many people jobless.  Thus any opportunity that leads to saving money is welcome. You can save money by using ondemandly.com services.  The website provides a range of services that you will find vital in the share-economy.  They include food delivery, transportation, lifestyle, and hospitality services. Here are methods you can use to save some money on DoorDash during the pandemic.

1. Eliminate unnecessary trips to the grocery

You will spend money and time if you are to pick groceries from a store each day. The time you waste driving to the store and the fuel your car consumes could be costly. But you can avoid them if you choose to have your groceries delivered by DoorDash. The time you spend in the grocery could be used for other tasks. Also, the amount of money you spend on fuel and the pollution your car contributes to the environment could be reduced. However, this can only result in meaningful savings if you plan to buy the food in bulk.

2. Let DoorDash deliver your food.

Going to restaurants is risky and could expose you to Covid-19.  But you can get the same food delivered at your doorstep at a reduced cost. You will need to research and identify eateries that can serve your favorite food at affordable rates.

3. Look for promo code

Before ordering food online, you must check for promo codes. If you are lucky to get one, it ensures that you buy your favorite food cheaply.  Food delivery has become competitive, so restaurants run discounts to win more customers. The best way to get updates on promo codes is to sign for the delivery service newsletter. Also, you can register and follow food delivery blogs.

4. Avoid double tipping

In most cases, a driver’s tip is included in the final online price you pay when checking out.  Such tips could be as high as 2 %, so if this is the case, you should not tip the driver again after they deliver the food. Doing so could mean that you tip the driver twice. It may be plausible to the driver, but it is not the best thing to do when trying to reduce your expenditure. Thus, if the tip is included in the checkout price, you may decide to make the payment when the food is delivered.

5. Delivery subscription

If your orders are regular, getting into a subscription plan can help you save a lot of money over time. Doordash offers plenty of discounts for regular customers. Also, you may receive rebates when the cart size exceeds a certain amount. Thus, a subscription service allows you to save money in two ways on DoorDash.

6. Place your orders during off-peak hours.

It is becoming common for restaurants to receive too many orders during a specific time of the day or night. Most of them report high orders between 12.00 -2.00 pm and between 6.00-8.00 pm. As a result, some of them use strategies that discourage people from placing orders at peak hours. Discounts on orders placed outside the pick hours could bring prices down and it can help you save money.

Indeed, food delivery services are playing a significant role in reducing the spread of covid-19. Use some of the tricks discussed above to save money and time.