Tracking apps have become common in this day and age. Millions of people have aired their concerns regarding their privacy. It is frightening to think that someone may be spying on you by listening in to your phone conversations and reading your texts messages. Luckily, there are ways to spot spyware on your phone.

1High Data Usage

One major trait of tracking apps is that they tend to consume a lot of data. If you notice that your phone constantly get messages that you have run out of data even when you are barely or not online, you should check for spyware. Tracking apps run in the background and increase data usage as they are always downloading your information and monitor your location to report back to the spy. Get to know your monthly data usage and know how much data you consume daily. Some apps help to manage and track data usage whether on a mobile data plan or Wi-Fi. If you notice a sudden change in data usage, it is best to check it out immediately.

2Short Battery Life

A phone with tracking app drains battery life faster than usual. Since spy apps utilize GPS, camera, microphone, data and send information to the person controlling it, they drain a phone’s battery faster. If your phone experiences short battery life especially when you are not actively using or playing games on it, then you should check for a tracker. Battery life diminishes over time. However, if your battery life often changes over a short period or takes a longer time to charge, it should serve as an alarm that a monitoring app may be running in the background.

3Odd Text Messages

Some tracking apps allow the spy to control your phone remotely by sending in text messages. Advanced spyware hides the messages and never alerts the owner. However, some of the texts messages may appear in your inbox even though they are meant to go unnoticed. The messages are cryptic and don’t make any sense. If you start receiving texts that contain weird symbols and letters that don’t connect, check for spyware as someone may be sending remote commands to your phone.

4Strange Noises during Calls

A while ago it was common to have disjointed calls or hear static voices when on call. However, with technological advancement, this is a thing of the past. If you still hear clicking sounds, distant or fragmentary voices during a call, it may be a sign someone is eavesdropping.  Tracking apps utilize conference call technology causing echo and feedback that are easily detectable on call. Don’t assume the noises and check out for monitoring app.

5Unusual Phone Activity

Strange phone activity means your phone screen lights up and makes noises when not in use. If your phone beeps as if receiving a message or reboot for no reason, then it is possible that it has a tracking app. Another strange activity is taking a long time to shut down. Before you turn off your phone, it stops all processes. If it were sending data to someone, it would first complete the processes before shutting down thereby taking longer. Additionally, a potential sign may be your phone battery feeling warm even when you are not using it.


No one wants spyware installed on his or her smartphone, but hackers find ways to do it. Use the tips mentioned above to detect if your smartphone has a tracking app and get rid of it.  Privacy is important to help maintain autonomy and individuality.

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