Starting your travel blog is pretty easy. You might start one within one day. You might need to invest money in some of the procedures.

Pick a good travel blog name

You need to make the blog name memorable and short. It needs to be easy to type, short, easy to spell, remember, and share. It is recommended to brainstorm by writing several words that will give the blog the best description. You need to identify the things you would like to write about, for instance culture, food, or adventure. You need to identify your passion and personality. You need to write things down and then start making distinct combinations of words. Your friends are always available for suggestions and advice. You need to avoid numbers and hyphens as it helps in making you avoid giving people explanations.

You need to avoid trademarked and over-used company names or words in the industry. Settling for an original word will give you the required luck in the long run. You need to think of the long term when choosing the name because changing it later may prove to be hard.

Choose your hosting

Most websites require rental space over the internet. You need a place where you can store your photos, files, and data for people in the world to access it after typing the domain name. You can get hosting that is cheap from a company that also offers great customer service. You may also get a free domain name from the right hosting company.

After getting the hosting, you will have to confirm if the domain name is available. The other features you will have to check for include domain privacy protection to block people from getting onto your site. You will then set up a self-hosted WordPress account on the servers of the hosting company. Setting up this account will help you advertise on the site, install custom themes and plugins, use google analytics tracking, and own full control over your data.

You will have to learn on how to use WordPress because it is the industry standard when blogging. It is important to use it because it has many online tutorials that will educate you on the things that you want to know. You only need a weekend to learn how the dashboard works, tweaking the settings of your site, and posting an article. You can get the information you want from google.

First things first

Among the first things you need to do about your blog is creating an about page. This page is usually the most trafficked on all travel blogs because it tells people about you, your background, and why they should follow you. You need to keep it personable and fun and let the readers understand you.

When you want to become successful with your travel blog, posting regularly on your social platforms is vital. Mastering social media is big as a topic that requires a lot of time to cover. It starts by signing up for the most popular platforms with a similar username. You will start with the first username that will tell people about the things you are packing for your trip. Whichever the topic, you need to understand how to publish images, photos, and all other formatting.

What are you writing about?

You need to create content for your blog. When starting out, it is recommended to publish at least twice per week. You need to remember that quality is more important than quantity. You need to invest time in creating excellent blogs that will provide an impact. Your articles need to inspire wanderlust and a lot of actionable tips. Share the best country regions, provide tips on fun things, crazy travel stories, create short videos, show off your beautiful images, and give food recommendations. Try out different topics until when you find the voice that resonates with your readers


Enrolling for a travel blogging course is not a requirement when building the travel blog. However, when you want to become an expert at it, investing money and time to get training from professionals will work wonders. Joining a specialized blogging course will help you set up a blog that will help you make money. You also need to learn how to build an audience, use social media, work with other brands, and market yourself. Implementing SEO is a primary requirement when you want to start a winning travel blog by learning from here.