Mac is an expensive computer and everyone would expect that it has the best security features. Unfortunately, it is the same as Windows and you will face the same virus and malware problem with it if you did not take the proper actions to protect your computer. Exposure to adware can lead to a troublesome experience for the Mac user.

Adware can install key-logger software that tracks every word you type on your keyboard. It can also access files that contain sensitive information on your computer.  The malware can also corrupt your system and force you to format your computer. The following are 5 ways to stop seeing adware on Mac.

Close the Pop Up Windows

The easiest way is to quickly quit the pop up. If the pop up open in a new tab, you must quickly close the tab. If it open in a new window, you must quickly close the window. You can also press the Alt F4 shortcut keys to close the popup window. On popups, you will frequently see fake x button or a button that says no thank you. You should never click any button on the pop up as it can trigger installation of malware on your computer.

Enable the Built-in Pop Up Blocker in the Browser

You can also manually block pop up by checking the block pop-up windows option in the security tab in safari settings. In Chrome, you click the three dots menu on top and toggle the popups switch off in the Content settings. In Mozilla Firefox, you must click on the three lines menu to go to Preferences. In Privacy & Security, you must check the Block pop-up windows option. In newer Mac OSX versions like Mac OS Sierra, you can go to Pop-up Windows in the Websites tab to see a list of websites that are currently opened. Next to each website, you will see an option that let you set the pop-up windows setting. There are three options including Block and Notify, Block, or Allow. In when visiting other websites below, you can also select the pop up window options when you are visiting other websites on Safari.

Enable Safari Pop Up Blocker on Mobile Device

Safari pop up blocker can also be enabled when you are viewing webpages on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. To turn on Safari pop up blocker, you must launch the Settings app and choose the Safari option. Under the General menu, you can toggle the Block Pop-Ups switch to the right to activate the pop up blocker.

Remove Adware from the System

If the adware has entered into your system, you will have to install a Mac cleaner app to remove them. The app will scan your computer for adware and remove them. It is also possible to remove the adware manually. To manually remove adware, you must first open Activity Monitor in LaunchPad. In Activity Monitor, look for the suspicious applications that contain malware and click on the ForceQuit button on the top left. Now, locate the applications and drag it to the trash can. Finally, you can restart your Mac.

Install a Third Party Adblocker Software

You can install a third party adblocker software to access more powerful adware blocking features. With Adguard, you not only can block pop ups on websites but also on video ad, banner ad and text ads. It can strip off the ads that appear everywhere on the webpage so that you can view the content in peace. It allows you to surf the web in privacy by blocking web analytic tools and other trackers. Read the full article “How to block pop-ups on Mac”. It offers a full list of customization options that let you control all aspects of the ad.


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