Once Debasish Mridha said that “A baby is as pure as an angel and as fresh as a blooming flower.” And you wanna give the best possible caring to your newborn kid. But I am very amazed to not see any content on under one year’s baby caring. That’s why I am writing this blog about how to take care of under one year’s baby.

Guideline – How to take care of under one year’s baby:

Here we will share a proper guideline with tips for your newborn kid so that you can look after your kid easily.

Give Proper Food To Your Baby:

Proper food is necessary for the development and body growth of your baby. Child specialist always says that there is no alternative to mother’s milk. So for about 6 months, it is enough. After that, you can add other baby food to your list along with mother’s milk. But there is a suggestion. Suggestion– You should not give processed food to your baby rather you can give homemade food to him.

Keep Your Baby At Safest Place:

It is another important thing to remember that you should not keep your baby alone; especially under one year kid. Most of the baby have a tendency of eating anything besides him. And it can be very serious.

Our first suggestion is to stay beside actively your baby all the time or hire a babysitter to look after him. check Zay Care for more information. And if both two are impossible to manage, we can give a suggestion of some baby product. Take a look at these.

* Baby Crib

* Baby Jumper

* Bassinets etc.

Bestbabycares offers a guideline to choose the best baby gears available in the market. You can choose baby gears for your kid depending on the suggestion they give. Let’s know if you have any suggestion regarding this also.

Choose The Right Cloth Apparel For Your Baby:

Keep Your Baby

Choosing the right cloth for your baby can be a difficult task. But, 5bestthing make this task easy for you.

It is very important to take the right baby apparel for your baby. You can look for these tips before choosing your baby apparel.

– The cloth has to be soft and casual.

– Must be made with high-quality cotton.

– Proper air passing is necessary.

These criteria can make your appeal choosing very easy.

Wash Your Hand Properly Before taking your baby:

We all know that newborn baby has not that strong immune system to fight against the germ. We have an important note for you to deal with it.

Note: Please wash your hand properly before touching your baby. Our suggestion is to use germ cleaning hand-wash as it will kill all the germ out of the hand

Give your baby bath properly:

Proper bathing is a compulsory task for an under one year kid. You can find a variety of baby soap for the bathing purpose of your infant. Choose the softer one for your infant.

After giving your kid a bath, take a soft towel and wipe him gently.

Note: Little water on the body of your baby can lead to serious illness.

Learn The Technique Of Diapering:

It is a must to learn how to do diapering. Thought it is an easy process, first-time parents can get into trouble while diapering. Basically, there are two types of a diaper in the market. One is the regular one. It comes with tape or glue to fix the diaper to your baby. Another one is similar to elastic pant. For new parents, the second one is the most preferable one.

You can find a lot of online tutorial on this, you can learn the art of diapering from it.

But do you think about the cost of the diaper? Yes, it is a bit costly daily use item with no reusable option. For you, we have a homemade solution and it can be reused again and again.

Home Made Diaper: You will need some soft and white cotton to make a homemade one. Old used cotton can also be used to make this. You will find the making process in YouTube and other online video streaming platform.

After using it, you can wash and reuse it until it is getting unusable.

Important Tips On What To Do And What Not To:

1. You must have to give support to the neck and the head of your baby until the age of your kid cross one year mark. Even over one-year baby may also need this support.

2. Make sure to take proper attention and gears while traveling with your kid.

3. Do not shake and give weight over your newborn baby.

4. Rough play is not allowed and it is a must to take care of it.

5. Don’t try to startle or make fear to your baby

Final verdict:

We think our writing will give you the guideline you want. Actually, proper baby care includes a whole a lot of things. So, it is better to take advice from the specialist and experienced people from time to time. Hope for the best journey with your child.