When you are out for hunting or bird watching nothing seems to compare with a spotting scope. The best spotting scope can give you one of the most amazing experiences as you get an image quality which is incomparable as the zoom option is powerful.

Spotting Scope Uses and Benefits

The Spotting scope is very important when you are hunting. Hunters generally look around at first with the binoculars and take a note of the areas which they want to choose as their hunting or hiding sports. The Hiding spots may include thick patches of trees or shaded areas beneath large rocks or interesting shapes that are very difficult to locate with binoculars. When the hunters are done scanning the area, they take out their spotter and check the areas carefully for a close examination.

The second thing a scope finder does for you is that it allows you to locate the animals which are already in the vicinity. This is very important if you are trying to locate a specific breed or sex of the critters. You would not want to hunt down a horn buck by mistake instead of a doe. A spotting scope is of great help if you are hunting for a moose or mountain sheep. It has the capability to determine the size of the animal and thus allows you to locate the exact critter you want to hunt. Listed below are a few tips to use the Spotting Scope for hunting.

Tips on How to Use the Spotting Scope

1. Location: Choose the spot for hunting carefully with the spotting scope.

2. Support: Choose a tripod to use with the scope finder. If you don’t use a tripod it may blur the image as the spotting scope needs stability. When finding a perfect tripod consider the below:

·  A pan head so that you can scan the area.

· Adjustable legs so that you can change the view when you are in a terrain which is rough.

3. Check the Atmosphere around You: Adjust the spotting scope according to the atmosphere.

4. Rest: Resting is required when you are hunting.


There are many reasons why the hunters love spotting scope while they hunt listed below are some of the benefits for using a spotting scope.

1. Superior Magnification: One of the important benefits a hunter gets when using a spotting scope is that you are able to see things which are not very clear even when a binocular is used. The spotting scope allows up to 100 times magnification when you compare it to any binoculars which gives you a magnification of only 8-10 times more. This does state that the spotting scope is 10X better than binoculars. When you go out hunting you would require the magnification a little bit extra so that you can spot the critters and get an amazing view which you never want to miss.

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2. Stability: Higher the magnification of the Spotting scope it would need good quality stability. As hunters you are always carrying heavy lenses and most of the spotting scopes need to be fitted on a tripod. This might not sound very convenient, but it surely allows you to get a good image quality.  Also, if you are using a spotting scope you have your hands free making it easy for you to hunt.It is always better to keep your hands free as you might lose the target if you are holding the spotting scope and hunting, all at the same time. If you have a tripod that means you can accommodate a much larger lens on it and gives you a sharper image even in low light. Thus, making spotting scope a better option when you go on hunting.

3. Larger Objective Lenses: It is better to carry a spotting scope if the lighting is not too good. As you are already aware that you can use a larger objective lens on a spotting scope thus allowing you to get a good quality HD glass or an ED glass which improves the quality of the images. The size of the lenses is generally between 50 to 100mm and as you increase the lens the price of the spotting scope also increases. You not only get a better view of the critter but also are able to observe the entire location and animals which might not have been visible if you hadn’t been using the spotting scope. As the image quality increases it becomes easier to identify the species of animals.

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