Hempseed oil, often referred to as ‘hemp oil,’ comes from the harvesting of cold-pressed hemp seeds. This clear green oil is an unrefined, naturally-occurring substance known for its therapeutic properties, particularly for the skin.

Here are some ways to help you use this organic oil as part of your skin care regimen:

Hemp Oil As A Facial Cleanser

You can try the oil cleansing method if you use hemp oil-infused products on your face to improve the appearance of acne. Two different versions exist for this particular technique.

First, take a tablespoon and almost fill it with the oil. Apply the product to the face as if you’re using a facial soap. However, you don’t need to massage the substance as leaving it on your skin should produce similar results. Next, take a clean towel or rag, and rinse it with warm water. Wring out the excess dampness and let the cloth rest on your face for a few minutes. Remove the fabric afterwards, then use another clean cloth to wipe the oil from your face.

The other method doesn’t require you to use a towel or rag to remove the oil from your face. Instead, you can rinse the excess substance from your face with warm water. But, you’d still need to use a clean cloth to dab any product left on your skin after rinsing.

Consider using this method for acne. The ingredients in various hemp oil products may not provide results that only last on the surface level. Instead, these components work with the body’s internal machinations to improve acne and prevent the condition from returning.

Acne happens if the pores become clogged with dirt, sebum, and dead skin cells. Also, this skin condition doesn’t only occur on the face, but also the chest, shoulders, and upper back. Although acne may affect teenagers the most, it can upset individuals regardless of their age.

It’s also critical to note that you should choose an oil with a low comedogenic or pore-clogging scale. Consider using hemp oil mixed with carrier oils like argan, hemp, or jojoba to reduce risks and improve the product’s acne-busting characteristics.

Remember, hemp oil isn’t something akin to a magic pill. It won’t eliminate your acne problems after one use. So, use the techniques mentioned above for about two to three times per week. Follow these methods religiously, and you should see your skin condition improving over time.

Hemp Oil As A Moisturizer

Hemp Oil For Skin Care

Another method is to apply this organic oil on your skin by using topical products, such as hemp-oil-infused balms and creams. But, before using them, do a patch test on your skin first. Doing this step allows you to check for any adverse or unwanted reactions.

If you don’t experience serious side effects from the application, continue the process by washing and drying the offending area. For example, rinse and dry your heel if you see cracked skin in that specific location.

Next, apply a small amount of the product. If you’re using a mixture of hemp and essential oils, consider testing the combination on a separate location on your body and at a different time to check for dissimilar results.

Moving forward, cover the offending area with a bandage or gauze for about 24 hours. Be careful not to get the cover wet. Otherwise, the dampness might lessen the efficacy of the natural substance, leading you to experience subpar results.

Also, if you experience side effects, such as burning, itching, or irritation, stop using the hemp-oil-infused product. If the adverse effects persist, consult your doctor immediately. However, if you don’t see or feel any harmful reactions, feel free to continue using the product to add extra moisture to your skin.

Hemp oil products might become your go-to solution for various skin care issues. It’s because these mixtures may have gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an omega-6 fatty acid that acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Having said that, using hemp-infused skin care products may encourage skin growth, new cell generation, and additional moisture. Thus, hemp oil can be an excellent option for improving and managing dry skin, along with other skin concerns.

Hemp Oil As An Oral Supplement

You can consume hemp oil orally to gain several skin care benefits, particularly the oil’s anti-aging traits. Ingesting the oil may provide fewer risks of skin irritation as opposed to using it topically. But, some users might experience some cases of digestive upsets after consumption.

Therefore, consider starting your hemp oil consumption routine at the lowest dose. Then, build up the dosage gradually to allow your body to adapt to it. But, don’t exceed taking two teaspoons daily or you might put your body at higher-than-average risk of contracting adverse effects.

Another option is to mix the oil with your food and beverages. Combining this organic oil with other consumables is ideal for users who might not like the ‘earthy’ taste of hemp. However, be wary as the efficacy of this organic oil might decrease when mixed with other substances. A relatively endless range of food and beverage options exist for your hemp oil concoctions. You can add this natural substance as a dressing in salads. Consequently, add it to a smoothie for an extra healthy kick.

Hemp oil’s anti-aging properties may boost the effects of your skin care regimen. Using it regularly may help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. It’s thanks to the linoleic and oleic acids in hemp oil that help produce these anti-aging benefits. The former is an omega-6 fatty acid, whereas the latter is an omega-9 fatty acid. But, both substances tend to be essential components for healthy- and young-looking skin. 

Note that the body can’t produce these compounds. Hence, it’s essential to introduce these healthy acids into your skin through other means.


Hemp oil can provide several benefits to the skin. Use this natural oil to improve acne, dry skin, and different signs of aging. But, ensure that you consult the medical advice of your doctor before purchasing any hemp-oil–infused product. Do this step first to decrease the risk of potential adverse effects.