In this era of advanced and modern technology internet is now a necessity. Internet has made multitasking very easy. Web browsers help us to perform many activities at one time. Internet Explorer was the basic segment in web browsing but in this time of high competition web browsers like Firefox, google chrome, opera has dominated internet explorer. The new web browsers provide more advance tools and features. Internet Explorer is still used as a basic test function for every new website to see its working. As now the Microsoft has updated internet explorer and has added many advances, attractive and useful features.

Though the other web browsers provide faster browsing and better security but internet explorer was built with proprietary features which makes internet explorer different from other web browsers.  Many proprietary features help web developers to make websites which operates correctly because of special features of internet explorer. These features are not provided by other web browsers. There is no guarantee that the same websites will work in the same way on other web browsers.

Here are some ways to show you how to run Internet Explorer on MAC:-

Apple basically has safari as there web browser which has wide range of specialized tools used by many web developers. So before using internet explorer as your web browser you need to enable safaris develop menu.

Safari basically sends the user agent code to any website you are visiting. User-agent works as link between the website and browser. It’s the user agent which ensures that the website will be able to serve website correctly or not.

If you see any error like this website is best viewed with then you may have to change safari user agent. The steps to change safari user agent are:-

  • Go to safari menu developer, go to user agent items and. A list of web browser will appear likefirefox, google chrome, and Microsoft edge, mobile version of Safari and iPadversion of Safari.
  • The browser will reload as you select an option from the list.
  • As soon as you are done visiting websites select default (automatically chosen) to reset the user agent.

The safari open page command will allow you to use website on the web browser you chose to use above. It works same as a normal web browser works. By copying the URL of the website paste the URL here and start your working.

Even after performing this process the result is not in your favor then accesses the website in question and tries to open internet explorer or Microsoft edge on your MacBook. As both of them are not available on mac but is run internet explorer on mac. It even allows us to use other web browsers for better experiences.

Benefits of using internet explorer on MAC

  • Internet Explorer is most used web browser because it synchronizes between many machines.
  • There are many individuals who are forced to work on internet explorer which easily migrate their data. As it really makes working easy and removes headache of managing data.
  • As we all are aware that internet explorer is the most used web browser in the world, there are 48% userswhich use internet due to long-lasting browsing.
  • The number increases to 58% when we take desktop users into consideration.

There are many people who keep many web browsers in there system like chrome, firefox, opera, edge as the laptop already have basic web browser like Mac in apple and internet explorer in Microsoft. But there is no harm in installing other web browsers. It usually helps to use some troublesome websites in an easy way. Different web browsers have different function and they all may not show some websites in same way.

This is usually because previously web developers used to target particularly one web browser to design a website. Not to promote the web browser but according to the need of the website and the features provided by the web browser. This is the reason why some website won’t work on some particular web browser but performs very efficiently on the web browser.

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