How You Can Make Money Playing Video Games

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Nowadays, the possibilities of getting broke at one point or the other are getting slim day by day, thanks to the digital age.

There are many tasks and jobs that you can opt-in for, within a matter of part-time or even full-time, and make your ends meet.

 Now to add more salt to the wound, how could you imagine playing a game and making some cash to cover your expenses or even make a living out of it, dope right?

Well, this is the good news I had for you today, but wait a bit, are you a fan of the FIFA game?

I guess you are huge of its fan, but I just hope that you’re good at it, although that wouldn’t be necessary for you to make money on it, either.

We all know how popular FIFA is, and even the non soccer gaming fans know that it is the most famous game out there. The secret to its fame has to do with the fun and exciting moments people have are having with it.

Now, enough of the introductions. In this article, I’ll be discussing with you a fail-proof ways you can make money playing video games, and of course, I’m talking about making money through FIFA.

Stream FIFA

Do you watch other gamers entertain you with their livestreams especially on Youtube and Facebook?

Those gamers are making a fortune out of that streams, and you and other audiences are their assets because all they do is monetize their channels through paid ads, donations from fans, sponsorship posts, affiliate marketing, or even promote their products to the audiences.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg popularly known as PewDiePie is among the most famous youtube icons ever, and I don’t need to tell you the millions he’s making through game streaming.

PewDiePie got his popularity through action games, but another inspiration to FIFA streamers is Edwin Castro.

This guy livestreams his FIFA games and earn approximately $630,000 per year.  

So, if you can do the same, then chances are that you’ll earn more than you could imagine as well.

Competing in Esports Events

Although this might seem suitable for only professional players, luck and talent are also contributing factors and when the tide moves in your favor, competing for the Esports tournament might get you to the extent of earning prizes.

If you are not familiar with the Name Donovan Tekkz Hunt, you should know that he is a five-time FUT champion and he has won an aggregate of $378,000. 

Imagine winning the same amount, I guess it would be a breakthrough; earning while having fun.

Well, if you’ve got what it takes, you should go for the ePremier League, but you have to scale through 27 satellite tournaments with flying colors.

Game Coaching

With FIFA, there are many ways to earn yourself some bucks, and considering the growing number of FIFA players that are looking forward to up their games and also make money out of it, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you decide to charge some amount from coaching them on how they could become professionals.

However, coaching FIFA means you as a coach need to possess a great deal of experience and skills when it comes to playing FIFA.

When you have that, then chances are that you could start monetizing your knowledge by coaching the youngsters on how they could become professional players and also make money playing the video game.

On the Transfer Market

FIFA Ultimate Team mode, usually shortened as FUT is the most famous and exciting game mode ever and if you are a fan, you must have an idea about what it takes to scan through the transfer market in search of good trades so you can build your dream squad.

However, what you might not know about the transfer market is the fact that many players leverage that to fetch money for themselves.

Care to know how?

Well, they trade non-stop on FIFA using the general market principle; buying low and selling high.

In doing this, they scan the market for cheap cards and buy them, then resell at a higher rate to make some profit. When they gather enough FIFA coins, they cashout by selling them.

Frankly speaking, selling of FIFA coins isn’t allowed, nonetheless, many people earn by selling theirs, and if you could find a good platform then chances are that you can safely cash out from your coins without the risk of getting banned. 

Final Thoughts

There are many ways you can earn money playing video games and having FIFA in your mind means that you want to make not just a few changes, but money you can do something tangible with.

A bonus tip for those who want to earn by trading on the FIFA transfer market is to consider maximizing your earnings by Autotrading with FUTMillionaire FIFA Autobuyer and Autobidder.

With the FUTMillionaire App, you can earn from good trades on autopilot.


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