When a loved one of ours passes away, it is often our wish to pay tribute to them in the best possible way, and one of the most beautiful tributes we can plan is a wake or reception after their funeral service. The wake or reception is not always necessary, but if you are thinking of having one so you can celebrate their memory and life and legacy, then here’s how you can properly plan and organize a special wake or reception for your loved one.

What it is

A reception or wake is a celebration of someone’s life, and it is often a lot less strict or formal compared to a funeral service or ceremony, which usually comes before it. If you are planning one, you should let your funeral director know so they can also help you with the arrangements and give you the proper support and advice. Funeral directors, like the funeral directors in Leeds from Carroll & Carroll Independent Funeral Services, can guide you through all the details surrounding a wake and how to make it special.

Organising it

There are several factors you need to take note of and remember, as follows:

Decide on the attendees

You can hold a private wake or a public wake, so you should think carefully about whom to include when planning the details. Guests may also decide to attend the deceased’s wake rather than the funeral service. If you would like to place an announcement in a newspaper, you can include the details of the wake such as the date and time as well as the venue or place.

Determine the venue

You can choose to hold the wake virtually anywhere, but just remember the number of guests. There are some venues that are more common than most, such as your home, the family residence or home, a church hall, a pub, a social club, a sports club, or a hotel. But as with other events, make sure to reserve the venue beforehand and inform your guests of the location and the time. You may also want to visit the location prior to the wake so you can decorate it with photographs, flowers, and the like.

Decide on the food and drink

Wakes usually serve food, and if you would like to serve the favorite food and drink of your loved one, you may do so, as most venues are flexible in terms of these requests. The venue may even include catering in the cost of the booking, but if it is not included, allocate someone to prepare the food. You can even ask the guests to prepare and bring food as well.


Determine the cost and your budget

It can be difficult to really estimate the cost of a wake or reception, especially since each wake or reception will vary depending on your preferences, the preferences of your loved one, the number of guests, and the food and beverages. If you have a limited budget, you can have the wake or reception at home and prepare or have other family members prepare the food. Another option would be to have a smaller reception or wake with only close friends and family members attending.

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