If you want to sell a car, you have a good selection of options at your disposal. But you always have to consider which one is the best. Is it the private buyer, the dealer of your own city, the export dealer or the portal that handles the purchase? Sometimes a sale is very easy, especially if you own an expensive car that has no defects. But it’s often difficult, when the car doesn’t have a certificate anymore. If the car has a gearbox damage. If the vehicle was involved in an accident or there is engine damage.

Buying and selling a car is usually a very thoughtful decision, which must be prudent and properly planned. While buying a new car does not cause any major problem, already trying to sell your car we have to adapt to the current automotive market, which as soon as it turns out is very brutal.

How fast can I sell my car?

For many years now, the vast majority of sellers have been trying to answer this question. The problem practically does not exist if we have a lot of free time to sell the car. In such a situation, we can properly prepare our car for sale, clean it and repair any minor or major faults. However, there are also such cases, when even despite our great willingness, the car we own leaves a lot to be desired. If our car had previously had paint and sheet metal repairs done in the wrong way, then finding the right customer can have a really big problem. We can also find ourselves in such a situation, when the sale of our car is the only chance for us to get the necessary financial resources – then we can not waste time and money on the preparation of the car is the sale and only the purchase of used cars or second-hand remains for us.

Private or dealer?

The private sale and the dealer sale are still the most popular variants to offer a car. If you want to sell privately, you should know that there are certain advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, for example, you have to take constant test drives and wait for buyers. These are disadvantages. Of course, the advantages are that you can determine the price yourself and choose the buyer. A lot of time has to be invested.

With the dealer sale one has the choice between resident dealers, who sell here in Germany and the export dealer. Both promise great prices. However, the local dealer must be able to achieve a good market value for himself, so he is often not willing to pay a good price. With the export trader you could achieve better prices, but you never know if you can trust his offer. This makes selling a car a bit complicated.

Traders very quickly noticed that many customers simply do not have time or willingness to sell their car themselves, especially since this activity can last up to several months. Many people are also very quick to notice how much effort and nerves you need to put in to sell your car at an affordable price.

The last and sometimes best option

If you want to sell your car, you must always pay attention to the prices you are offered. These are not always fair. It would therefore be good to either have the residual value determined in a garage or to look for similar vehicles and their prices. With the last variants you get a feeling for the residual value of the car. But you can also simply turn to a portal, which is very popular.

The reference is from the portal www.Meinautomakler.de. Here you are in good hands, because only reputable dealers have access to this portal. Lazy actions can be avoided thus. The constant acting likewise. Above all, since Meinautomakler.de itself carries out the negotiations. For the salesman this means to stop the car, including data and pictures and to wait. One gets so still another fair price for the old used car ordered.

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