His phone exposed him.. Hundreds of sexual clips filmed by a Soccer Coach

Camilo Hurtado Campos

US police announced that they had arrested a “famous” Soccer coach in the state of Tennessee after finding videos on his cell phone that appeared to show him raping unconscious boys.

According to a press release from the Franklin Police Department, Camilo Hurtado Campos is currently in custody in Franklin, Tennessee, facing charges of rape and sexual exploitation of a minor. The authorities are also considering additional charges in this case.

They opened the phone to return it

Although the police claim to have received the report after Campos inadvertently left his phone in a restaurant, the workers had to unlock the phone to identify its rightful owner and facilitate its return.

Instead, what they discovered were numerous videos and images of children that seemed implausible. This prompted them to contact the police,” she further explained.

Hundreds of clips

CNN reported that authorities discovered numerous unsettling photos and videos on the phone of the 63-year-old man, as stated in their report.

The clips show Campos raping unconscious boys between the ages of 9 and 17, and there are at least 10 victims of whom 2 have been identified.

He was inviting the children to his house

Furthermore, the investigators have suggested that the victims might not be aware of the assault since they were unconscious at the time.

According to a statement from the authorities, the football coach was found to be regularly visiting the school playgrounds, where he would interact with the children and subsequently extend invitations to his residence.

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