No one in their right mind would buy something if they did not have a general understanding of the product or service. It’s common sense to research and do a little due diligence for a product or service before you buy it. Most people compare prices first. That’s a good first step. So, go ahead and price compare the best and cheapest online life insurance company in Canada, dropdead term life insurance. Once you see how cheap dropdead term life insurance really is, it’s time to get some factual due diligence done.

Thankfully term life insurance in Canada is the same across the board. I mean it’s almost identical. The product itself is so commoditized there is only one major difference… price.

If you’re reading this article, is it safe to presume you have electricity readily available? Ok good, glad you do. Term life insurance is as common as electricity. Electricity is found pretty much everywhere in Canada and it’s the same through Canada. The end result of electricity is obvious. You press a plastic button and a light turns on. Term life insurance is no different. It’s found everywhere and it’s the same everywhere.

One interesting fact that the two have in common is that they both have price differences. You and I are both consumers of electricity and term life insurance. We want the cheapest price for the product.

Why do electricity and term life insurance have different prices? Electricity price differences are based on geography, population density, etc. Term life insurance price differences are based on bureaucratic inefficiencies between life insurance companies. Basically, you and I as consumers really don’t give a sh!t about why it’s more expensive. We just want the cheapest price. We want the utility of the product, not the back story. Why pay more for a commodity? The value is the same across the board. Term life insurance is the same no matter what company you buy it from. So, go to dropdead term life insurance and buy the best and cheapest term life insurance in Canada. We can say we are the best because, yes you guessed it…. we are the same as all the other term life insurance out there.

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So, why buy from dropdead:

  • You get the cheapest price
  • You get a FREE will
  • You get 125% of our commission
  • You get to give to charity
  • Other brokers make 130% commission on your term life insurance policy. We make a 5% commission on the sale of your policy. We think you should have the 125% savings. If you find a cheaper price, we will give the difference to a charity of your choice. Enjoy the FREE will and save another $99. dropdead is a win, win, win, win!

Now that we have worked out that cheapest is best let’s move onto what “term” means.

Term means a period of time. A term 20 life insurance policy lasts for how many years? You got it, 20 years. 20 years, by the way is what most Canadians buy. Term 20 is the most popular term life insurance because your mortgage is normally paid off in 20 years and it takes about 20 years to get your kids off the Mommy and Daddy payroll. 

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So, you bought the cheapest with the most popular term, 20 years, now let’s discuss the amount needed.

Here too let’s go with what is common sense. The rule of thumb is 10 times your salary. So, if you make 50 grand a year, you need roughly 500k in term life insurance. The most popular amount of coverage for term 20 life insurance in Canada is $450,000.

Wow that was easy!!! 3 steps and you’re keeping the promises you made to your loved ones:

1.) Buy the cheapest term life insurance

2.) 20 years is a good period of time

3.) $450,000 is a good amount of cash

So there you have it. Simple, fast and cheap term life insurance. There is nothing complicated about the product or process.

dropdead can get you covered online with the cheapest and best term life insurance in Canada without you having to speak to a human. That’s awesome!!! If you’re in need of a little human interaction, that’s ok too…. use the chat feature, email us or call and we will hold your hand all the way to the promised land. 

Don’t wait till it’s too late. dropdead term life insurance is the best and cheapest life insurance solution you could wish for.

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