Need help in making your ICO startup become the next Apple? Keep reading.

Remember, your ICO is just a project. It will take time for users to gravitate towards it and gain interest. To speed this process up, you must use the content of your ICO to bring your investors in.

What’s Happened to Apple iOS 12?

Apple has recently released their latest iOS 12 update. This update has a myriad of new features such as:

  • 40% increase in app launch speeds
  • Smoother animations
  • Group Facetime
  • 50% Faster Keyboard Display
  • 70% swiping speed increase From Lock-screen to camera

And don’t think that traditional tech businesses don’t make mistakes either. After the release of iOS 12, there have been a few reviews questioning its performance. When updating to iOS 12, users noticed a loss of contrast in their phones.

What does this mean for ico website design? It means that you have to take time viewing all aspects of the final product. This means that you’ll have to consistently check and debug your site to ensure no errors are present.

Most ICOs tend to fail due to a lack of organization, vision, or execution. Fortunately, we’re here to help you jump start your project. Try some of these tips to ensure that your site is well designed and gain potential funds for your project!

Creating the ICO Website

Just like most business models, your website is a tool that helps links investors to your product. Due to the growth of e-commerce sites and ico website design, investors can reach your product with ease, regardless of the location.

Basically, investors won’t buy into your ICO tokens if the website has an unprofessional design. It’s important to make a website that potential investors could be looking for. Here are some things you need to consider.

Homepage and Project Details

If your homepage looks unprofessional, you’ll lose credibility amongst your investors. On average, 90% of the data is located on the ICO’s website. In order to be successful, you’re going to have to make sure your webpage and project details are close to perfection.

The website should have a section that that explains your project’s roadmap, technological status, innovations, and other important data.

ICO Tokens

When creating an ICO token, you want to explain it in detail in your whitepaper. This section must include:

  • The token’s ticker symbol and name
  • Token uses
  • The token’s price and additional bonuses, if available
  • The total amount of tokens and how many tokens are available for sale, as well as the number of tokens.
  • Bounty campaign

Having token metrics make it easier for investors to view your project and buy them. When writing your whitepaper, state the purpose of the ICO tokens and tell your investors how they’d directly benefit from them.


To become a successful ICO project, you have to design, create, and execute it properly. This means that your website has to be tested consistently to ensure that its available to the public. By avoiding the same issues that Apple came across, you increase the chances of your project being accepted by the public and increase its chances of success. .

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