10 Ideas to Maximize Space In Small Kitchens

10 ideas to maximize space in small kitchens

When you see lavish sized kitchens in some magazines or stay at your friend’s, doesn’t it make you also feel the need to have a kitchen where there would be more than sufficient space for you to stock your entire grocery, all the essential kitchen appliances and tools that are needed on daily basis?

You don’t have to feel all that bad because there are some simple tricks which if you follow, can help you maximizing the space in a compact kitchen.

Organizing your kitchen is a task which requires systematic planning and organizational skills because this is an area of a home which we use multiple times in a day. Therefore, it is extremely important to organize it in such a way that allows you to get all the things which you frequently need with ease without the kitchen looking neither untidy nor crowded.

Just follow these simple hacks and see how your kitchen appears to be sufficiently larger than you had imagined it to be.

1Make use of compact appliances

The days of using a big sized mixer or refrigerator are gone. Appliance manufacturers that are aware of the latest market and property trends understand the importance of space management which results in the manufacture of compact and small sized appliances.

2Use the walls for storage

Cupboards provided to you will never be sufficient to take care of all your grocery. However, instead of then keeping the extra items on the kitchen platform make use of the kitchen walls with rolling cabinets which will help load up the extra grocery.

3Arrange your cutlery smartly

This includes the several knives in different sizes and shapes which you must be having. These knives and serving spoons, ladles etc can take up a lot of space and in order to avoid making these take up all your precious space, why not install a stand right behind the washing area where all these can hang and  at the same time look organized ?

4Tone down your sink

The sink is an area in the kitchen where many people don’t realize that lot of good and useful space is may actually go to waste. In order to avoid this, choose a smaller sink even if it means that you can keep only one big bowl for washing at a time. There is an increasingly number of brands that make sinks with smaller dimensions that what traditionally was considered standard. This will make your kitchen all the more organized and bigger.

5Make good use of racks and rolls

Not many people realize that racks and rolls go a long way when it comes to organizing a kitchen’s related commodities like fruits and veggies, making any kitchen look more organized and spacious.

6Invest in good quality platforms and floorings

One of the smart ways to make your kitchen seem more grand and spacious is to make use of white stones such as Bianco Carrara marble, Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme quartz, Compac Absolute Blanc Quartz. These stones give a shiny and sophisticated look to your kitchen thereby elevating the whole look of a house. When used for floorings, white stone can make your kitchen look not only spacious but also clean, minimalistic and tidy. The best part about using white marble or white quartz stone is that they are not the most expensive types in the market. In fact, many people also use these materials for wall cladding and other applications such as furniture cladding and built-in sinks and worktops.

7Rotating compartments in cupboards for your comfort

Silestone Lyra quartz worktop inside a cupboard unit, including an additional hot water taps facility on a small kitchen layout by MKW Surfaces in Sheen, Surrey

Gone are the days where you had those straightjacket kind of cupboards which were frankly, of no use. These days you can purchase tailor made and customized kitchen cabinets which when opened can rotate making it easier to access the less used grocery items.

8Restrict the use of hardware

One of the things which go a long way in making your cooking space look spacious is the lack of use of hardware there. That does not mean that you don’t have any cupboards or cabinets, but ensure that choose slender easy to manage hardware with appropriate lighting making cooking areas look clean and spacious.

9No doors please!

Did you know that just by removing the door of your kitchen, you can make your kitchen look so much bigger and fuller? Try it!

10Throw it out!

Last but certainly one of the most important tricks is not to store unnecessary items to avoid your kitchen looking messy and/or smaller than it actually is.

Please take away unused pots and pans and keep only those things which you really need and use on daily basis.

Aren’t these some easy to follow hacks? Just keep these in mind while decorating your kitchen the next time, and you will be surprised to see a much larger kitchen then what you had imagined.

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