In old days, branding was done using brand irons to create an identity. And today, the meaning of branding remains the same, but the process has changed drastically.

Branding is all of the ways you establish an image of your company in your customers’ eyes. From advertisement to designing your own logo, to doing publicity, all counts in branding.

Online ways of branding gave a huge advantage to the companies because they could now create their brand image while their customer is sitting on their couch. And the more reviews they get, the more they earn.

And so comes in the picture, SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a way of attracting traffic to your websites in various search engines.

More the traffic, more amount of dimes in the pocket.

So, online branding has always been a good companion to SEO.

But what about offline branding?

Does it have any place in SEO?

People have always had this misconception that SEO only takes online branding in consideration. Whereas, the truth is, as much as online, offline branding has a major impact.

Google now uses “Brand Searches” as a basis of ranking.

For example:

If I type in google, “Degions”

Then for the brand Degions, it will be considered as a brand search, which used no backlinks or links to the site, but only human curiosity.

Now, higher the brand searches, higher the traffic and more popular the brand.

Now the point comes, what will make me type into my computer your brand?

And the answers can be-


I have heard of it or

I’ve tried it before or

I’ve seen it on TV or

I want it or

My friend told me about it or

Some people from the company informed me about it.

These are the results of nothing, but branding. Offline branding should be enhanced to improve more brand searches and in return, higher rankings and more branding. Here are some tricks and tips to improve the image of your brand offline.

1. Connections and more connections.

Humans are social animals, and so to survive in the society, we need to form connections. Now how does connections help in branding?

Connections are nothing but a pool of potential customers. If you know a group of 100 people, you can easily find at least 10 people in that group who might be interested in buying your product, or maybe more than 50 people who wouldn’t mind going through your website. And so, the larger connections of people you have, higher would be chances to make business out of them.

Spot more trends.

Trend spotting is a technique every successful business has    inculcated. Trends are nothing but the things going around you.  Trend spotters charge a high price for what you can do yourself.

For example:

Considering your target audience are successful business people. If you attend a business conference and notice that most of the people there read ABC magazine, you know what your target audiences read and trust. This means, now you know that instead of investing more in commercials on TV, you can focus on magazines.

3. More Publicity

The more people know you for something you’ve done, the higher are the chances of them remembering you. People believe what they see, what they hear and so publicity is very important. Publicity involves advertisement, one to one pitching or organising event. In short, get famous so that people can notice you. Suppose you work for content writing, releasing a major blog post or a major release of data that probably no one knew (like news channels do) is something that would put the lights on you. Highlight your brand name and voila! Help you achieve your goals.


4. Be more approachable

If your main target is to attract more traffic via SEO you can tell people how to approach you.

For example:
if you have a tea business, while giving some free samples of your tea to your customers, you can give them instruction form about how they can reach you online, shop online, or maybe drop a quick review!

This way, even if your customer couldn’t find you in the same shop, they know how to approach to you. They’ll simply go on google, type your details and create a brand search.

Other than the given tips, we all know some basic ones which includes advertisement, posters, distributing pamphlets and organizing seminars.

Another important thing we need to know is that SEO is not completely dependent only on offline or online branding, but both. The main aim is to attract more traffic, can it be due to the efforts made in real life, or virtually.

So pick up the branding strategy that works for you and go for it!