Injuries after a US plane was exposed to violent air turbulence (video)

Unfortunate news has been reported that on Sunday, 36 people sustained injuries – 11 of them serious – when the Hawaiian Airlines flight they were aboard encountered extreme turbulence while en route to Honolulu.

According to the Honolulu Star Advertiser, 36 people were treated by emergency services and 11 of them had to be transported to nearby hospitals as their situation was critical.

According to the newspaper, nine other people are in stable condition with a range of injuries including severe head trauma, cuts and bruises, and even loss of consciousness.

This morning, Flight HA 35 from Phoenix to Honolulu safely arrived in Honolulu despite encountering treacherous turbulence throughout the journey. The airline made an announcement regarding this on Twitter.

Emergency personnel swiftly attended to many passengers and flight attendants at the airport with minor wounds, while some were immediately taken to nearby medical facilities for more substantial treatment.

As the Airbus A330 was nearing Hawaii, carrying a total of 288 passengers and crew onboard, it abruptly encountered intense turbulence. This information was disclosed to the Star Advertiser newspaper by an airline spokesman.


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