Interface of Light’s Obulb Pro

Interface of Light Obulb Pro
Obulb Pro

Light is the composition of the colors and reflections you find in your surroundings. The days of just dropping bulbs into the sockets and hoping they will come on have been largely replaced by intelligent lighting solutions. Now, lights can learn how you like them, rather than having to be programmed by you. We look at what makes up a smart light bulb and how much it costs.


Obulb Pro is a smart light bulb allow the user to change the colour of the bulb, set an energy saving mode, or even dim it or turn it off entirely. The idea is that the more you use your bulb the more energy efficient it will be.  More useful and interesting functions will be added to the app in the future. With app control enabled, the Obulb Pro marks our new start in smart home lighting.


You know, Not all bulbs are smart bulbs, of course, but our list below is likely to have just about every smart bulb on the market. Not all smart bulbs work with every smart system or thermostat though. Also, not all smart bulbs offer the same features.

If you’re looking to find out about the Obulb Pro light bulb available and their specs, head over to our comprehensive smart bulb round-up. We have included the latest lighting solutions on the market, including dimmers, bulbs and sensors. If you want to know more about Obulb Pro light bulbs in general, head to our dedicated guide to smart lighting.

Currently, the Olight Obulb lineup consists of the Obulb, Obulb Mc, Obulb MCs, and this Obulb Pro. The first Obulb had only 2 modes, the Mc (multi-color) had several, the MCs has a built-in sensor (S) and the PRO is controllable with an App via Bluetooth. Without the app, you can only turn the light on/off, and cycle through those modes. Coral and Purple. The new Hue White Ambiance range provides additional colour options. The bulbs also offer sensors that can detect when you approach the room or move within it. The bulbs work together and can be synced with other.

Obulb Pro Colors

  1. White,
  2. Red,
  3. Green,
  4. Blue & flowing colors, blinky colors, red flashing.

Hereby, if we talk about of white color light Obulb Pro has a colour temperature of 3,500K, which is the temperature of daylight. It comes with the Hue Bridge and a dimmer that can dim the white light. It’s been measured that the intensity of a light beam is directly proportional to the blue frequency of the light (from 0 to 4 k). The Obulb is a small and portable little gadget that has evolved since the first generation to an app-controllable light with tons of color options.

The Characteristics of Obulb Pro light:

  • Obulb Pro light is an electromagnetic wave.
  • Obulb Pro light travels in a straight line.
  • Obulb Pro light is a transverse wave, and does not need any medium to travel.
  • The velocity of light changes when it travels from one medium to another.
  • The wavelength (λ) of light changes when it goes from one medium to another.

Package quality.

Obulb Pro light doesn’t use generic packaging, but each flashlight has its uniquely designed and fitted box. And inside the Obulb box, you can get:

  • The Obulb Pro Olight
  • Adhesive metal badge
  • Manual

By pressing the soft rubber-coated button, you can easily select a suitable mode for illumination, ambient light or decoration. With the magnetic bottom, it can be conveniently attached around your house when paired with the adhesive metal badge. The built-in 1650mAh battery is rechargeable via the USB magnetic charging cable, ensuring up to 84 hours of runtime. This high-quality light orb also boasts 1.5m impact resistance and IPX7 waterproof rating. 

Out words

OBULB is an attempt to put some order on the mess of CCTV footage collected by different stakeholders. The government wants to achieve more uniformity in this regard. The body is designed to capture different variations of CCTV images, while the operator looks at time stamps and filters images based on their relevance to cases.

Obulb pro provides comprehensive insurance which includes OOBB+ and OBB maintenance warranty. The Obulb+ component of the product covers such key aspects as repair, maintenance, data backup and secure cloud storage of the recorded footage.

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