Capitol Events Investigation Committee

Members of the US House of Representatives committee investigating the events of the storming of the Capitol building voted unanimously to recommend criminal prosecutions against former President Donald Trump and others.

The committee also voted to pass its final report on the events of January 2021, 2021, when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol while certifying that his rival, Joe Biden, had won the election.

On Monday, the committee said it had recommended that Trump be prosecuted on charges of obstructing an official proceeding, conspiracy against the government, making false statements and providing aid to an insurrection, according to CNN .

The final report will not be made public until Wednesday.

Republican Representative Liz Cheney, vice chair of the committee, said in her opening statement that Trump “does not have the capacity to hold public office,” adding: “A man who behaved in this way can never again serve in any position of authority in our nation,” according to what was reported by the network. CNN”.

The deputy considered that Trump’s refusal to intervene immediately to prevent these events makes him “incompetent to hold any official position.”

Chair of the committee, Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, declared in his opening statement that it is up to us – the people of this country – to determine who can be trusted with our democracy and its preservation through fidelity with the Constitution and compliance with law. We are responsible for entrusting our future as a nation; let’s invest wisely!

And “CNN” quoted Thompson as saying that the committee will pass its final report at the meeting, but it will not be published until Wednesday.

The head of the committee told the network that the criminal votes would be sent to the Ministry of Justice “shortly after we finish our business today.”

The committee’s vote is not binding, and it is up to the Justice Department, which has appointed a prosecutor to independently investigate, to decide whether to prosecute the former president.