Jennifer Lopez has announced the return of her iconic album “This Is Me”, 20 years after its initial release

Jennifer Lopez has announced the return of her iconic album
Jennifer Lopez ( Shutter Stock )

Twenty years after her hit album (This Is Me… Then), singer and actress Jennifer Lopez announced that she will release a second part next year, titled (This Is Me… Now).

The 53-year-old singer recently shared a video clip on social media, in which she reposted an old photo from the cover of her 2002 album. In the new video, she appears in her current form, saying: “This is me then… This is me now.”

The album from 2002, which featured songs like “Jenny From the Block” and “All I Have,” was created while Lopez was dating actor Ben Affleck. The two were dubbed as “Benifer” before breaking off their engagement in 2003 and divorcing months later.

They fell in love again last year and got married during the summer. In her Instagram post, Lopez mentioned the titles of the 13 songs included on the album, one of which is called (Dear Ben Part Two).

It is interesting to note that a few months ago, the two American stars, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, got married in a very simple ceremony in Las Vegas. They obtained their marriage certificate without any fanfare or fuss, and kept the whole event very secretive. JLo wore an old dress bearing the signature of Zuhair Murad.

Nearly 20 years after first getting engaged, pop star and American actress Jennifer Lopez announced her marriage to Ben Affleck in a newsletter post.

Jennifer Lopez confirmed reports that she would marry secretly, before announcing the news. Furthermore, after her marriage J.Lo described her wedding as a dream come true with Ben Affleck, something they had worked on for a while.

Not only did Lopez reveal the general atmosphere surrounding the wedding, but also shared exclusive first shots of the ceremony with her postal newsletter subscribers. The couple appeared very romantic and natural in these photos, which quickly circulated on social media platforms.

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