Jeremy Renner is in intensive care.. Will he lose one of his feet?!

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner / Shutter Stock

American actor Jeremy Renner was involved in a serious accident while he was clearing the snow accumulated around his home in the state of Nevada, due to the strong snowstorm in the United States of America.

The famous star in the world of Marvel superheroes, embodying the character “Hawk”, was trying to remove snow from the house, after it caused a power outage in the house and several surrounding houses, but the matter turned into a disaster.

And the American “TMZ” website stated that the star is receiving treatment in intensive care, and he quoted sources from inside the hospital that doctors may have to amputate one of his feet, which was severely injured during the accident.

And it was stated in the report on the details of the incident, quoting one of the neighbors of actor Jeremy Renner, that one of his feet collided with a machine called Snowcat for snow removal, and he lost a lot of blood as a result, and was subsequently transferred by helicopter to the nearest hospital, while the police arrived at The scene of the accident and treated it as if it were a crime.

In turn, the official spokesperson for the 51-year-old actor confirmed the news to the above site, adding that he had suffered several other injuries, including blunt trauma to the chest, and bone injuries. He underwent surgery and is still in the intensive care unit in a critical but stable condition. 

Most of the United States was exposed to a blizzard called “Storm of the Century” during the past week, and the storm killed at least 60 people in all of the United States of America.

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