Carefully thought and designed based on a theme which brings out the best in the woman, the collection as envisioned and given shape by a wing of Du’bel Holdings group of companies,is too good to be true. In fact at most events wherein new and exclusive items of jewellery and watches are launched, it is the audience which gets a pleasant surprise every time. This is because each event is designed to reflect the qualities which embody a woman, and thus every item that comes out of their headquarters comes with a ready-made market and a ready-made result.

All the items that they design can thus be divided into the following collections, yet they come with the option of wearing them separately.

  • The classic collection: This is as the name suggests; timeless in their appeal and classically elegant in their designs. Consisting of a variety of rings, necklaces, cuffs, hoop earrings, cuff-hoop earrings etc., individual pieces of this collection are crafted keeping the inherent elegance that is present in every woman. This is an incredible collection wherein women wearing pieces of this collection tend to get an additional bolstering of confidence. A magical aura gets exuded and women wearing the classic collection become extra-ordinary in their work and outlook.
  • The signature collection: This is as exclusive a collection as one can get; yet it is affordable too, which might seem unbelievable but it is absolutely true. Every design of this collection is unique and innovative wherein there is ample evidence of a beautiful amalgamation of beauty and brains. This collection typically draws its inspiration from women who have made a mark in their professions and are in positions of influence. It is also these women who act as role models for others and help bring them out. Wearing jewellery from the signature collection of Bella Mayford helps complete this transformation by releasing the butterfly from its chrysalis.
  • The garden dream collection: Strange is the name and magically lyrical are the products that are associated with this collection. Colour seems to be magical word which differentiates this collection from the others. It is also the addition of colours which brings about a tangential transformation in women, right from their attitude towards life to tapping the inherent strength possessed by every woman individually. Named and shaped like the different elements that are present in the garden like the flowers, leaves, pets etc., the garden wine ring or the bunny hoop earrings etc., add a touch of innovative perfection to the wearer. For the woman wearing it, an aura gets created which consists of several diverse elements like the naughty with the good, the sensuous with the aesthetics etc.
  • Constellation: Damian Alexander-Du’bel, the founder and owner of this fabulous company, considers every woman to be a queen, a star which shines the brightest in the sky. Hence it is only appropriate that they come up with the constellation collection, which as the name suggests, is designed to reflect the whole sky and its elements. The star rings, the moon necklaces, the combination hoop earrings etc., all refer to the fact that women are stars by birth. They need only an opportunity to prove the same and gain the desired appreciation and recognition. Crafted for people who have become inspirations by virtue of their profession or the work that they do or even the person that they are, this collection is exotic, universal and ethereal.

Other pieces which are designed and sold by this company include individual rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets and even gift sets.  These products are all qualitatively beyond compare and also fairly prices so that every queen, who has managed to rise above the trials and tribulations faced in the past or who has shown remarkable strength in breaking societal restraints etc., gets a chance to feel the basic elements which define her as a woman by wearing a jewellery manufactured by the house of Du’bels.