More than 40 years after his death, John Lennon returns to sing with his band, The Beatles.

Paul McCartney, the star of the British “Beatles” band, stated that the last song of the band, many years after its dissolution, will be produced with the help of artificial intelligence, by extracting the voice of band member John Lennon, who died in 1980, from an old recording of his songs.

McCartney, 80, said in an interview, broadcast by the BBC, on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, that technology was used to separate the sounds of the Beatles from the musical background sounds, to obtain a pure John Lennon voice.

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He added that the first version of the sound was obtained, which will be worked on to develop it and integrate it into the last song of the band, which disbanded in 1970.

John Lennon’s voice extracted from an old song

According to Paul McCartney’s statement, while filming the documentary “The Beatles: Get Back” directed by Peter Jackson, work began on the Beatles’ final song in 2021.

Pointing out that the director was able to extract John Lennon’s voice from a cassette tape of a song that was performed to the tune of the piano, using a technique called “source separation”, after he gave orders to artificial intelligence to cancel the sounds of musical instruments.

Although he did not say which song would be re-released, according to Time, quoting the BBC, the song is likely to be Lennon’s 1978 Unfinished Love.

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According to the same source, McCartney stated that the song will be released this year, after completing the full modifications related to placing the late band member’s voice over the rest of the other sounds, so that the version has “pure” sounds as if it were completely real.

He noted that he finds the AI ​​experience “a bit scary and exciting at the same time,” adding, “We just have to see where that leads.”

John Lennon with his wife Wikipedia

John Lennon.. the fifth-best singer of all time

In 1969, John Lennon, a British singer, songwriter, and guitarist, chose to pursue his music career with his wife, singer Yoko Ono, by working independently from the “Beatles” group.

He presented many successful songs throughout his work in the singing field, but his political and peaceful activity had caused his deportation from America, due to his criticism of the Vietnam War.

He stopped artistic work in 1975 to devote himself to raising his child, while in 1980 he returned to singing again, after he released a new album with his wife, titled “Double Fantasy”.

However, just three weeks after the album was released, he was shot dead by a Beatles fan in the corridor of his Manhattan apartment.

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In 2002, he managed to get an eighth place in the list of the greatest British personality, and in 2008, the American Rolling Stone magazine ranked him as the fifth best singer in history.

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