Just Out of College and Looking For Jobs?

Here Are Some Great Options

Now’s the time of year when young adults are graduating from college. While it’s great to have that degree in your hand, you now have to find a job and get started on your career. If you’re unsure which career path to take, here are some interesting options for good career growth.

Law Enforcement

Police are vital for keeping the public safe. According to the Public Policy Institute of California, police officers in California must be at least 21 years old. If you like working with the public and have leadership skills, law enforcement may be a good career option for you. Once you’ve worked enough years on the force, you could also gravitate into working as a detective, running your own security team, and more.

Software Development

Technology continues to evolve day by day. Devices are getting smaller and artificial intelligence is constantly a topic of conversation on the news. If you consider yourself tech-savvy, you could easily create a niche for yourself in the software development world. You could work for yourself as a private contractor or find a job at a company. You can work on websites, mobile devices, software programs, and more.


Homes are constantly being built as people always need a place to live. The roofing industry continues to grow and roofers always have work to do on residential and commercial structures. Roofers can also specialize in certain materials like ceramic tiles or metal. Metal roofs can last 40-70 years, depending on the material. So if you become a professional metal roofer, you can build roofs that can last people their entire lifetime.


The COVID epidemic really exposed just how many medical professionals are needed, especially nurses. Nursing continues to be in demand and is a lucrative field that has different specializations. If you don’t want to work at the same hospital daily, you can become a traveling nurse and work in different cities for several weeks or months at a time.


Can you imagine modern-day roads without professionals to ensure they stay paved and pothole free? If you enjoy working outside and dealing with various materials, you may want to consider becoming an asphalt paver. According to Asphalt Facts, asphalt is 100% recyclable. Asphalt is so recyclable, not only is it used for paving roads, but it’s also one of the most popular materials on American roofs.

Project Management

Do you like working with teams and ensuring everything goes as planned? Can you handle different personalities and various work emergencies with ease and professionalism? Do you take joy in running meetings and keeping track of various calendars? If so, project management may be good for you. Project managers can work in almost any business, such as construction, technology, medical care, education, and more. You may work on staff for one company or as a contractor at different companies for several months or years at a time. Project managers often have an underlying specialty, such as technology. In other words, you may start out as a software developer or web producer and end up as a project manager for an IT company.

These are just some of the best jobs for recent graduates to consider. You may prefer working outside, with the public, or building technology from the comfort of your home office. There are many career fields you can gravitate towards. Most of these jobs have amazing career growth and lucrative incomes that can provide the basis for successful careers for years to come. If you have any questions about your career options after college graduation, contact our team for more information.


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