I’m 51 years old now, in the best shape I ever was, dating the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever met.

But let’s face it…

People in their 50s, 40s and even 30s use to neglect their personal life. Not always. Often after some unsuccessful attempts to create a healthy relationship or to keep themselves at a good shape…

The most popular excuses are: “I have a great job instead. I love it so much!”, “I’ve been married for 5 awful years! No more of that!!”, “No one likes me, I’m fat”, etc.

Look, I’m 51 and I’m not going to stop settling for more. This is why I decided to share Kismia review with people who want to build a successful relationship. People who are not afraid of getting better.

So, why Kismia? And how Kismia can make you feel a better person?

First, Kismia guys do a great job! They make the site so sexy, you can’t help but stay there for hours and… meet someone amazing eventually.

For example, here’s my today’s match. I did nothing but registered some time ago. Why not to chat with this amazing lady today?

Kismia today matchMost dating websites let you touch the top of the iceberg with tips of your fingers, and don’t show you the rest. Nah, I want more!

Have you ever noticed how slightly dating websites usually lead you to subscribing point? Yeah. Most of them are all the same.

I did a research, wrote to Kismia support team to ask a few questions about the whole process and how everything works on Kismia. I chatted with a nice lady, she provided me with the freshest data, and now I’m sharing it with you.

5 pros: why you should sign up on Kismia.com just now

1. It’s sexy

And I mean the website, design and layouts. Together it’s so thrilling that sticks in your memory for a looong time.

Kismia sexyThe “Dating” game you see on the picture is about to be lucky enough to find a mutual sympathy. But it’s way more serious than the usual swiping game. Here you have a swiping limit, so need to think twice before the next swipe.

This limit isn’t daily, it’s hourly or so, but still. Don’t worry – they give you enough swipes to meet someone amazing during the game. Overall, I like the concept of this game. I feel like I need to get ahead of all the other men to get this girl! Men and competition – pure fury!

2. Open access to user profiles

Kismia access to userYou should know what you’re dealing with. Especially when it comes to your personal life.

Most dating sites forget about such things as ux, personal preferences, interests. Showing me just a picture of a lady isn’t enough to make a decision.

Kismia opens me some profiles I’m interested in. But not always, I can’t browse profiles from the “Dating” game. Maybe it’s because they want to keep matches in secret till the moment of disclosure of mutual likes.

3. Amazing ice-breakers

Kismia ice-breakers
The list of Kismia ice-breakers is pretty impressive:

    1. You can send different surprises buying them for special coins:

Kismia send different surprises

  1. Exciting free gifts are just a thing if you don’t know how to start a chat:
    1. Various lovely greetings if everything is really bad:

Kismia greetings

And even more – stickers, smiles, likes, everything you need to get her or his attention.

4. Real people

Here’s what you’re missing on other dating websites – real human beings. I love my friends stories where they chat with amazing woman first, then schedule a date and when it comes to the moment of meeting it turns out that the lady is fake…

I’m not surprised, because it’s a usual stuff nowadays. Especially for the dating websites. Kismia takes drastic measures to avoid scammers and fraud. I personally use this site for almost a year now and can tell that women there are real as it gets .

5. Quick responses

Before the Kismia, and especially after I bought a subscription plan, finding the website, where women message first, was difficult. The men suppose to make the first move, but honestly we’re tired sometimes and would love women to take the initiative in their gentle hands.

Kismia ladies are not afraid of texting first. Moreover, some of them are not even afraid of being rejected. We definitely have something to learn from them.

3 cons: what’s not so good?

1. It’s paid.

And you should pay almost for everything. I guess it’s more a limitation that a plus point for Kismia.

Dating websites earn money because users buy subscription plans to be able to get to know each others better, that’s fine. But it’s quite annoying when you can’t even see who’s there from your area without paying money. In short, Kismia doesn’t allow you to see some of the best profiles until you subscribe.

2. Same faces

Don’t expect to see new people every time you log in. Yes, the matches list will be refreshed every now and then, but still not that often as you’d like.

3. No guarantees

It happened to me once. I got matched with a woman of my age there, we had a great chat, but when it came to meet each other… In short, she wasn’t even close to the lady from her profile.

No one can tell you for sure that the man or woman you meet online is going to be the same man or woman in the real life. Kismia might wrap its mind around it.


This kind of dating website isn’t perfect. BUT IT HAS A LOT MORE TO OFFER ITS USERS THAN OTHER DATING SITES. That’s for sure. Professional daters would probably admit that Kismia is one of the finest dating sites for singles who look for serious relationship, creating a family and a lifelong partner.

Sometimes to find someone worthy, you need to experience things yourself first. So get on the board!

Some interesting data about Kismia.com:

Monthly marriages27 700
Monthly female users248 974
Monthly male users968 278
Serious relationship seekers93%
Average age35-55
24/7 supportsupport@kismia.com