Lucky woman won the lottery twice within weeks

Imagine what you could achieve with two million dollars that suddenly landed on you in a short period?!

This is what happened with a woman from Massachusetts, where she won the $1 million lottery jackpot for the second time in 10 weeks.

The Massachusetts State Lottery Department revealed the identity of the winner, Christine Wilson, from the town of Attleboro.

She also added that the store from which Wilson bought the lottery ticket is scheduled to receive a reward of $10,000.

The first in February 2024

It is noteworthy that Wilson won the first million dollar prize in February 2024, from an instant lottery ticket worth $50, according to the British “Sky News” network.

However, it was only 10 weeks later that she won a new $1 million prize after purchasing a $10 lottery ticket.

Buy a new car and save

Both times, she chose to receive her award in one lump sum of $650,000 (before taxes), rather than in multiple payments.

Upon winning the first prize, Wilson said that she would “allocate part of the amount to buy a new car,” while she explained that she planned to save the amount for the second prize.


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